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US Open Results

Photo: Tony Rotundo

Photo: Tony Rotundo

I'm still wrapping my heads around all that happened this weekend, but it was a very fun and exciting weekend of wrestling that I can't wait to discuss with Kevin on the podcast.

Here are some quick points and results:

Nahshon Garrett was one period away from a bye to the best 2 of 3 trials after looking amazing all weekend. Instead, he took a couple half shots and Tony Ramos exploited the openings. Garrett looked fantastic all weekend but is getting used to when to pick his spots. He still looks nowhere near his ceiling. 

57 kilograms:
1st: Anthony Ramos dec. Nahshon Garrett, 5-3
3rd: Nathan Tomasello dec. Frank Perrelli, 9-7
5th: Zach Sanders forfeit Alan Waters
7th: Jesse Delgado tech. fall Britain Longmire, 11-0

Kendrick Maple is an absolute beast at 61 kg that I would love to unleash on the rest of the world. Unfortunately for him, the reigning World Champion lives in Ohio. Cody Brewer and Joe Colon were absolute blasts to watch all weekend. 

61 kilograms:
1st: Kendric Maple dec. Brandon Wright, 10-7
3rd: Joshua Kindig dec. Cody Brewer, 16-16
5th: Seth Gross forfeit Joe Colon
7th: Christopher Dardanes dec. Daniel Deshazer, 9-0

Jordan Oliver looked really good on his way to winning the title and getting the bye to the best 2 of 3 trials series. It wasn't without controversy though. A "correct throw" call against Zain when he never exposed and Zain had the leg (making the call probably incorrect in itself) gave him the win. A scramble where Molinaro probably didn't know he had already given up 2 takedown moments before Oliver exposed him gave the 4 points for exposure. The trials will once again be interesting at 65 kg. 

65 kilograms:
1st: Jordan Oliver dec. Frank Molinaro, 4-4
3rd: Zain Retherford dec. Jimmy Kennedy, 4-3
5th: Evan Henderson forfeit Kellen Russell
7th: Nicholas Dardanes dec. Mario Mason, 13-5

James Green keeps winning and is two wins away from competing in his third straight World Championship. 

70 kilograms:
1st: James Green dec. Nazar Kulchytskyy, 4-1
3rd: Chase Pami dec. Jason Nolf, 12-6
5th: Alec Pantaleo dec. Jason Chamberlain, 5-1
7th: Thomas Gantt fall Jason Welch, 5:17

The final everyone wanted to see turned out to be more of a feeling out process than anything. A shot clock point and criteria made the win feel uninspiring. Really would love to have seen the 3-minute OT. 

74 kilograms:
1st: Jordan Burroughs dec. Kyle Dake, 2-2
3rd: Alex Dieringer fall Anthony Valencia, 1:01
5th: Chris Perry dec. Kevin LeValley, 3-3
7th: Chance Marsteller dec. Dan Vallimont, 8-1

David Taylor looked incredible in what was a deep and talented field. A lot of headlines and Twitter messages had this weight in the forefront, but the action was very tough to keep your eyes off of. 

86 kilograms:
1st: David Taylor tech. fall Richard Perry, 10-0
3rd: Nicholas Heflin dec. Bo Nickal, 10-6
5th: Patrick Downey III dec. Kyle Crutchmer, 7-3
7th: Gabe Dean dec. T.J. Dudley, 8-8

We know Mr Gadson has a ton of talent. He wins his first senior level US Open and keeps improving in the freestyle game. 

97 kilograms:
1st: Kyven Gadson dec. Micah Burak, 3-0
3rd: Nathan Burak dec. Nikko Reyes, 11-2
5th: Ty Walz forfeit Kallen Kleinschmidt
7th: Matt Williams dec. Donald McNeil, 10-5

Gwiz hit a gorgeous low snatch single in the first for a takedown at the sock level. He added a step out and Rey didn't find any openings. An unwarranted caution and two made the score look closer, but this may be the moment where Gwiz takes the mantle for the quad. 

125 kilograms:
1st: Nick Gwiazdowski dec. Zack Rey, 3-2
3rd: Dom Bradley dec. Bobby Telford, 2-1
5th: Anthony Nelson dec. Justin Grant, 10-0
7th: Nathan Butler dec. Benjamin Durbin, 5-1