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Shoe Review Vol. 1. Adidas Impacts!

The time has finally come. I have had plenty of great fortune in my life, but here I find myself with the honor of reviewing some excellent wrestling shoes for you. If you are reading this, than I trust you are familiar with my passion for the sport of wrestling, and vicariously, the shoes that go with it. I currently own 8 pairs of wrestling shoes, and haven't actually coached or trained since 2013. It's a problem, but if that's my vice than I can live with it. Thankfully, I still find time to get to the mats every so often, and therefore get to try these shoes out with some decent frequency. Adidaswrestling.com has provided us the opportunity to use, and review some of their new shoes for plenty to read and enjoy. Don't forget, by going to adidaswrestling.com, and using the promo code BLOOD20, you can get 20% the purchase of any items. All that being said, here is the review.


Adidas Impacts. I remember when I first saw the picture of these before they were released. Adidas was going with a design that was unlike ones I had seen before. The tongue of the shoe starts well into the top of the foot, they used a perforated soft shell over the toes and front of the foot as well. Thirdly, it was very high on the ankles, which some certainly prefer. I also remember that I was very impressed with their design and aesthetics of the shoes. The first time I saw someone wearing them was Zahid Valencia, the all yellow and black original ones. They have since added the blue, red and gray camo colors, in addition to the brand new Fire and black/steel ones. Straight up, these are some of the most bad ass looking shoes that you can come across. My concern was that they were going to be too high on the ankles, as I typically like to tie my shoes to right where the foot connects to the ankle to allow for optimum ankle and foot mobility. I can say, those concerns were quickly washed away.

These shoes fit tight to your foot, but still aren't constricting in the ankle, or any other movements. They are also very light weight, and the material that they use certainly helps them to remain breathable. This is the first pair of shoes that I can feel comfortable in lacing all the way up. That being said, you can still lace them lower, and not lose any of the stability in your foot. They went with the full sole grip, similar to the Mat Wizards, or Aggressors, but these are a more narrow fit than both of those shoes as well, and fit more tightly to the foot. They provide excellent grip to the mat, and don't lose much as the mats begin to get slippery. Hence David Taylor not being as affected by the sweaty mats as J'Den Cox was. Long story short, I certainly recommend these shoes for anyone who likes a tight fitting shoe, that rides high on the ankles. They are also surprisingly light weight for a shoe that, at first glance, you'd expect to be heavier than most. Notable wrecking machines to wear these shoes; David Taylor, Zahid Valencia, Justin Oliver, Bryce Meredith, Kevin Jack, Kevin Claunch. Now that I've done a more traditional review, please enjoy my completely over the top review as well.


Do you have dreams of winning Olympic gold medals (yes, plural)? Do you have some weak ass, buster shoes right now (probably)? Do you spend most of your time counting the lights in the top of the gym (Your home gym has 67 lights in it, and you shouldn't know that)? Now is the time that you take life by the horns, and say NEVER AGAIN! Go to adidaswrestling.com and use promo code BLOOD20 to get the new Adidas Impacts for 20% off! The moment you receive these, assuming the mail person doesn't become overcome with rage and jealousy that they steal them, your whole life will turn around. No more getting cut in line at lunch. No more being overlooked when you raise your hand to answer a question in class. No more being passed up for a promotion at work because you "show up late to work habitually". These aren't wrestling shoes, they are a way of life. Do you, and everyone who knows you, a favor. Make a positive Impact today. Get these shoes!!!