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Russian Revenge

Sadulaev looked to get revenge on Kyle Snyder and it didn’t take long. An outside shot led to a fireman which led to a folkstyle zamboni that forced Snyder to turn back in and get pinned. Sadulaev had revenged his one senior level loss in just 70 seconds. It’s tough to know if it was scouting, a more focused Sadulaev, or possibly a fluke. However, it capped an impressive four days that the Russians needed to outpace the returning firepower of the defending champion American team.

Jacarra Winchester also lost in her final, dropping the bronze medal match to Cuba. It was an impressive season none the less for her as she really emerged into a world class talent. Taking this momentum into next season should reveal even more progress.

Women’s action was off to a good start with all four women were in the quarterfinals. Adeline Gray is back and in the finals for the 4th time looking for as many golds. The finals appearance giver her six World Championship medals.

Forrest Molinari and Tamyra Mensah-Stock are still alive tomorrow in repechage. Hopefully, three medals will kick off more of a medal haul.

Men’s Freestyle Medal Match results

70 kg 
Gold - Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov (Russia) dec. Adam Batirov (Bahrain), 7-6
Bronze – Franklin Maren Castillo (Cuba) tech. fall Andriy Kvyatkovskyy (Ukraine), 11-1
Bronze - Zurabi Iakovishvili (Georgia) tech. fall Byambaa Bat Erdene (Mongolia), 10-0

97 kg 
Gold - Abdulrashid Sadulaev (Russia) pin Kyle Snyder (USA), 1:11
Bronze –Abraham De Jesus Conyedo Ruano (Italy) dec. Pavlo Oliinyk (Hungary), 2-2
Bronze - Elizbar Odikadze (Georgia) pin Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan), 3:52

Top 10 Team Standings
1.Russia, 178
2. United States, 150
3. Georgia, 105
4. Cuba, 67
5. Japan, 67
6. Iran, 65
7. Mongolia, 57
8. Turkey, 53
9. Azerbaijan, 44
10. Belarus, 41

Group Two U.S. women’s freestyle results

65 kg/143 lbs. - Forrest Molinari, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC/OTC)
WIN Leidy Izquerdo Mendez (Colombia), 4-0
LOSS Danielle Lappage (Canada), 6-2
Repechage vs. winner of Mariia Kuznetsova (Russia) and Bolortuya Khurelhhuu (Mongolia)

68 kg/149.75 lbs. - Tamyra Mensah-Stock, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Titan Mercury WC/OTC)
WIN Yudaris Sanchez Rodriguez (Cuba), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Battsetseg Soronzonbold (Mongolia), tech. fall 10-0 
LOSS Koumba Larroque (France), 2-1
Bronze medal bout – Oppnent to be determined

72 kg/158.5 lbs.- Erin Clodgo, Richmond, Vermont (Sunkist Kids) 
WIN Anastasia Zimiankova (Belarus), 5-0
LOSS Tatiana Kolesnikova Morozova (Russia), 6-4

76 kg/167.5 lbs. - Adeline Gray, Kingston, Pa. (New York AC)
WIN Epp Mae (Estonia), 10-0 technical fall 
WIN Elmira Syzdykova (Kazakhstan), pin 4:49
WIN Erica Wiebe (Canada), 3-1
Gold Medal Finals – Vs. Yasmin Adar (Turkey)

Group One Women’s Freestyle Results

55 kg 
Gold - Mayu Mukaida (Japan) tech, fall Zalina Sidakova (Belarus), 12-2
Bronze –Lianna Montero Herrera (Cuba) dec. Jacarra Winchester (USA), 5-2
Bronze - Myong Suk Jong (North Korea) dec. Qi Zhang (China), 2-1

59 kg 
Gold - Risako Kawai (Japan) vs. Elif Jale Yesilirmak (Turkey), 8-0
Bronze –Xingru Pei (China) dec. Svetlana Lipitova (Russia), 7-1
Bronze - Shoovdor Baatarjav (Mongolia) dec. Alejandro Romero Bonilla (Mexico), 4-2