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NCAA Sleepers 125-157


125: 13-seed Zeke Moisey (West Virginia)

- This is low hanging fruit with Moisey being a former NCAA finalist, but his road looks paved for him to make a second magical run. When he pinned Cory Clark in the semi-finals I can not remember many moments that made me involuntarily leap from my chair in such a manner. This year, he likely has Suriano (Rutgers) in the second round who showed up to Big Ten's with a brace on his knee and defaulted out of the tournament after the first session. If Moisey can get by him, he has Fausz (NC State) in the Friday morning tricky quarterfinal. This means Moisey could once again be in that Friday night semifinal ready to pull it off once again. 

133: Jason Renteria (Nebraska)

- Renteria is a true freshman from Illinois who didn't wrestle his first college match till January 7th. He took 5th at the Big Ten tournament and in matches not to Micic, he's throwing up a lot of points. He's drawn in against 13-seed Lantry (Buffalo) and could have a good opportunity to surprise Brock (Oklahoma State). I like his unknown factor and point scoring ability to make some surprising noise in Cleveland. 

141: 11-seed Michael Carr (Illinois)

- Carr's first match this year (November 4th) was a 20-11 loss to the 2-seed Eierman (Missouri). While taking stock in November matches can be misleading, it seems like Carr (a 2-time Pennsylvania state champ) tried to tell us plenty of times in his freshman season that he was for real. He beat Lee (Penn State) to make the Big Ten finals making the 11-seed seem a bit low. Struggling 2-time champion Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) has a road that almost seems like a vendetta is being taken out on him. In the first round he has one of the hottest wrestlers in D1 in Cheek (Cleveland State) who can explode for big moves at any time. The second round would likely have Carr and then the quarterfinal would likely be Yianni (Cornell I'm not going to spell his last name). Someone will make the semifinal out of this and it shouldn't be too shocking if Carr is the one standing. 

149: 11-seed Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton)

- Kolodzik was an All-American at 141 last year bumping to 149 this season. Despite some mixed results, the 11-seed seems low. Princeton shouldn't complain though because the 6-seed is Oliver (Central Michigan). While we are big fans of Oliver, he has been fighting injury down the stretch and unfortunately does not look himself. That would set up a Friday morning quarterfinal with Leeth (Missouri). Leeth and his neck brace are huge for 149 making you wonder if this is a perfect scenario for Kolodzik to end up in the semifinal. 

157: Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan)

- Nolf (Penn State) & Kemerer (Iowa) both defaulted to 6th at the Big Ten tournament fighting injuries. They got the 3 and 6 seeds respectively which makes for a completely unpredictable quarter bracket aka semifinal spot. A veteran like Heffernan could take advantage as he has drawn Nolf in the first round. Heffernan missed the middle of the season but then came back and wrestled in the Edinboro Open and Mat Town Open in February to get matches before the Michigan dual, where he nabbed a win over Pantaleo, and the MAC tournament. I don't know if this paragraph really made sense, but what I am saying is that Heffernan in the semifinal would not be that surprising.