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Snyder, Buckeyes Claim Big Ten Crown



Ohio State turned in the second highest team score in history (2002 Minnesota had an incredible 174 with only 11 teams) to claim back to back Big Ten Championships. With four champions, they outlasted the challenge of Penn State's elite point scorers. 

The team score was wrapped by the time the last match of the tournament, but nobody moved from their seats. Instead of making a run to the parking lot to beat the traffic when the heavyweights hit the mat, Kyle Snyder and Adam Coon had people pulling out their phones to capture the moment. Snyder had a different strategy this time than their previous meeting that found him in the rare territory of not getting his hand raised. He kept his hands on Coon's shoulders to limit any underhooks or leg attacks until getting a couple shots off late. In the second sudden victory, Snyder finally got a low attack deep enough to avoid the sprawl and finished for his 3rd Big Ten title. 

Nathan Tomasello and Isiah Martinez became just the 15th and 16th four-time Big Ten Champions in conference history with their victories Sunday. Tomasello avenged his loss to Lee (Iowa) before defeating a very upset-minded Lizak (Minnesota) in the finals. Martinez had to avenge one of his two collegiate losses in the finals over Joseph (Penn State). IMar racked up a riding time advantage to have the lead late and added a counter takedown near the buzzer. 

Michigan finished 3rd in the team race, their highest finish since 2009. Placing four in the finals, the Wolverines claimed two champions with Micic and Pantaleo claiming crowns. 

There will be a lot to discuss on this week's podcast including the madness that is the 165 lb weight class and much more. 

At East Lansing, Mich., March 3-4

Team Standings
1. Ohio State 164.5
2. Penn State 148
3. Michigan 118
4. Iowa 90.5
5. Nebraska 72.5
6. Wisconsin 67
7. Minnesota 66.5
8. Illinois 62.5
9. Purdue 59.5
10. Northwestern 55.5
11. Rutgers 42.5
12. Maryland 30.5
13. Indiana 10
14. Michigan State 9.5

Final Results
125 pounds
1st: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) dec. Ethan Lizak (Minnesota), 10-7
3rd: Spencer Lee (Iowa) tech. fall Luke Welch (Purdue), 16-0
5th: Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) med. for. Nick Suriano (Rutgers)
7th: RayVon Foley (Michigan State) dec. Elijah Oliver (Indiana), 8-6

133 pounds
1st: Stevan Micic (Michigan) dec. Luke Pletcher (Ohio State), 7-4
3rd: Dylan Duncan (Illinois) dec. Mitch McKee (Minnesota), 8-3
5th: Jason Renteria (Nebraska) dec. Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers), 3-2
7th: Corey Keener (Penn State) maj. dec. Ben Thornton (Purdue), 11-3

141 pounds
1st: Joey McKenna (Ohio State) maj. dec. Michael Carr (Illinois), 13-0
3rd: Nick Lee (Penn State) maj. dec. Nate Limmex (Purdue), 15-5
5th: Vince Turk (Iowa) dec. Eli Stickley (Wisconsin), 4-1
7th: Chad Red (Nebraska) dec. Ryan Diehl (Maryland), 6-3

149 pounds
1st: Zain Retherford (Penn State) dec. Brandon Sorensen (Iowa), 2-0
3rd: Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State) dec. Colton McCrystal (Nebraska), 7-5
5th: Alfred Bannister (Maryland) med. for. Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)
7th: Steve Bleise (Minnesota) fall Eleazar Deluca (Rutgers), 4:21

157 pounds
1st: Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) dec. Micah Jordan (Ohio State), 3-1
3rd: Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) dec. Tyler Berger (Nebraska), 6-2
5th: Jason Nolf (Penn State), Michael Kemerer (Iowa), Double For. 
7th: Jake Short (Minnesota) fall John Van Brill (Rutgers), 2:30

165 pounds
1st: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) dec. Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State), 4-1
3rd: Richie Lewis (Rutgers) med. for. Evan Wick (Wisconsin)
5th: Logan Massa (Michigan) dec. Alex Marinelli (Iowa), 6-3
7th: Isaiah White (Nebraska) dec. Nick Wanzek (Minnesota), 5-1

174 pounds
1st: Mark Hall (Penn State) dec. Myles Amine (Michigan), 4-3
3rd: Bo Jordan (Ohio State) dec. Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern), 9-5
5th: Dylan Lydy (Purdue) dec. Joey Gunther (Iowa), 3-2
7th: Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) dec. Devin Skatzka (Indiana), 10-7

184 pounds
1st: Bo Nickal (Penn State) dec. Myles Martin (Ohio State), 7-4
3rd: Dom Abounader (Michigan) dec. Taylor Venz (Nebraska), 7-3
5th: Emery Parker (Illinois) dec. Brandon Krone (Minnesota), 6-0
7th: Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) dec. Mitch Bowman (Iowa), 9-4

197 pounds
1st: Kollin Moore (Ohio State) dec. Shakur Rasheed (Penn State), 8-4
3rd: Hunter Ritter (Wisconsin) inj. def. Kevin Beazley (Michigan), 3:22
5th: Christian Brunner (Purdue) med. for. Cash Wilcke (Iowa)
7th: Eric Schultz (Nebraska) dec. Zack Chakonis (Northwestern), 3-1 SV1

285 pounds
1st: Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) dec. Adam Coon (Michigan), 4-2 SV2
3rd: Nick Nevills (Penn State) dec. Sam Stoll (Iowa), 5-2
5th: Conan Jennings (Northwestern) dec. Youssif Hemida (Maryland), 3-2
7th: Shawn Streck (Purdue) dec. Rylee Streifel (Minnesota), 10-3