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Women's Finals Set


The final twenty women is set to field Team USA for the 2018 World Championships. American women brought home three medals from Paris and with the return of Adeline Gray, there are high hopes for this year's squad to bring back a high medal count. 

The most anticipated series is likely Sarah Hildebrandt and Haley Augello. Haley was our 2016 Olympian at a lower weight and our 2017 World Team member at 53 kg. She fell in the quarterfinals after picking up a couple wins, but wasn't pulled into repechage. Sarah was a non-Olympic weight team member in 2016, and won the US Open with a 6-1 win over Haley. Haley stormed through the trials setting up a high-powered rematch. 

Mallory Velte was our world team member at 63 kg, but Kayla Miracle topped her at the US Open 3-0. Velte went unscathed at the Trials to set up the rematch for the spot. 

Another upset, or what some would figure as, at the US Open was at 50 kg when Whitney Conder took out Victoria Anthony 7-3. Anthony had to go to match three this weekend to set up the rematch after Erin Golston took match two 5-5. 

Bloodround favorite and Iowa native, Rachel Watters, dropped a heartbreaker in the US Open finals 6-5 to Erin Clodgo. Rachel then stormed through the trials this weekend to set up a rematch for the 72 kg spot. 

Julia Salata and Forrest Molinari is a series of King on King crime. Jacarra Winchester missed the trials last year due to injury, but faces a tough test with returning bronze medalist Becka Leathers. 

These are certainly plenty of matches where competing side by side with the men, there will be some great series with the women looking to steal the show. 

at Rochester, Minn., May 18-20

Senior women’s freestyle

Final X schedule

Lincoln, Neb., June 9
55 kg: Becka Leathers vs. Jacarra Winchester
59 kg: Alli Ragan vs. Jenna Burkert
68 kg: Tamyra Stock vs. Randyll Beltz

State College, Pa., June 16
62 kg: Kayla Miracle vs. Mallory Velte
72 kg: Erin Clodgo vs. Rachel Watters
76 kg: Adeline Gray vs. Korinahe Bullock

Bethlehem, Pa., June 23
50 kg: Whitney Conder vs. Victoria Anthony
53 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt vs. Haley Augello
57 kg: Helen Maroulis vs. Alex Hedrick
65 kg: Julia Salata vs. Forrest Molinari

Best-of-three finals results

50 kg: Victoria Anthony (Sunkist Kids) def. Erin Golston (New York AC), two matches to one
Bout one – Anthony dec. Golston, 6-0
Bout two – Golston dec. Anthony, 5-5
Bout three – Anthony pin Golston, 5:05

Third - Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury) TF Charlotte Fowler (Campbellsville University), 10-0

53 kg: Haley Augello (New York AC) def. Cody Pfau (Titan Mercury), two matches to none
Bout one – Augello tech. fall Pfau, 10-0
Bout two – Augello tech. fall Pfau, 11-0

Third - Gabrielle Weyhrich (Bearcat WC) dec. Dajan Treder (Unattached), 9-6

55 kg: Jacarra Winchester (Sunkist Kids) def. Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids), two matches to none
Bout one – Winchester tech. fall Parrish, 11-0
Bout two – Winchester tech. fall Parrish, 10-0

Third - Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids WC) dec. Ainslie Lane (Aries WC), 5-0

57 kg: Alex Hedrick (Titan Mercury) def. Michaela Beck (New York AC), two matches to none
Bout one – Hedrick pin Beck, 1:10
Bout two – Hedrick tech. fall Beck, 10-0

59 kg: Jenna Burkert (Army WCAP) def. Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids), two matches to none
Bout one – Burkert dec. Campbell, 3-1
Bout two – Burkert tech. fall Campbell, 10-0

62 kg: Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury) def. Brenda Reyna (Bearcat WC), two matches to none
Bout one – Velte tech. fall Reyna, 10-0
Bout two – Velte tech. fall Reyna, 13-2

65 kg: Forrest Molinari (Titan Mercury) def. Jayden Laurent (Musky WC), two matches to none
Bout one – Molinari dec. Laurent, 4-0
Bout two – Molinari dec. Laurent, 3-1

68 kg: Randyll Beltz (Army WCAP) def. Yvonne Galindo (Aries WC), two matches to none
Bout one – Beltz tech. fall Galindo, 10-0
Bout two – Beltz tech. fall Galindo, 15-4

Third - Alex Glaude (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Kayla Marano (Lions WC), 2-1

72 kg: Rachel Watters (New York AC) def. Hannah Gladden (Lions WC), two matches to none
Bout one – Watters tech. fall Gladden, 11-1
Bout two – Watters dec. Gladden, 10-3

76 kg: Korinahe Bullock (Bearcat WC) def. Mariah Harris (Campbellsville), two matches to none
Bout one – Bullock dec. Harris, 4-4
Bout two – Bullock dec. Harris, 2-1