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Greco Trials Results

Not Pictured: Adam Coon as he had to fly to Lehigh to wrestle Gwiazdowski the next night. 

Not Pictured: Adam Coon as he had to fly to Lehigh to wrestle Gwiazdowski the next night. 

Only two members of last year's Greco-Roman team are heading to the World Championships this October. After two of the most disappointing years, without even a medal match appearance, the 2018 Trials delivered a wild upheaval. Six of the ten guys that make up the 2018 Greco-Roman Team USA will be heading to their first greco World Champinships at the senior level. 

35-year old Sam Hazewinkel, a 2012 Freestyle Olympian, made his first Greco team which was part of the hits to come.

21-year old Dalton Roberts, a Fowlerville, Michigan native training at the USOEC at Northern Michigan, took out veteran Hafizov to earn his first trip to the big stage. 

Another Fowlerville native broke through. Adam Coon was 0-4 against Robby Smith heading in to Friday's finals. Smith had been USA's Greco heavy for the last 5 World/Olympic teams. Coon scored early in the first match driving Smith to the edge with a body lock. Smith tried a through only to end up on his back giving up a counter two. In the second match, they awarded Smith a caution and two giving him the lead for the last two minutes. However, with just ten seconds left Coon drove him off balance with a body lock to his back for the pin and the World Team spot. 

Kamal Bey has been a highlight reel in age-group level Greco, but fell in the trials last year. This year he gets his revenge and a chance to the big stage for the first time. 

Jon Jay Chavez, whom you may know from Cornell, took out 2016 World Team member RaVaughn Perkins to earn his first spot. 

This team is a combination of youth and veterans that will give Coach Matt Lindland an intriguing tool box to work with until October. 

at Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Okla. June 21-22

Final results
55 kg
1st: Sam Hazewinkel (Sunkist Kids) def. Max Nowry (Army WCAP), two matches to none
Bout one – Hazewinkel dec. Nowry, 4-4
Bout two – Hazewinkel TF Nowry, 11-0

3rd: Dalton Duffield (NMU-OTS) TF Brittan Longmire (Team Nevada), 8-0

60 kg
1st: Dalton Roberts (NYAC) def. Ildar Hafizov (Army WCAP), two matches to one
Bout one – Hafizov dec. Roberts, 4-2
Bout two – Roberts TF Hafizov, 10-2
Bout three – Roberts dec. Hafizov, 4-3

3rd: Randon Miranda (NYAC) TF Mike Fuenffinger (Army WCAP), 10-1

63 kg
1st: Jesse Thielke (NYAC/LOG) def. Ryan Mango (Army WCAP), two matches to none
Bout one – Thielke dec. Mango, 12-6
Bout two – Thielke dec. Mango, 6-4

3rd: Xavier Johnson (Marines) dec. Travis Rice (NMU-OTS), 1-1

67 kg
1st: Ellis Coleman (Army WCAP) def. Alejandro Sancho (NYAC), two matches to one
Bout one – Sancho dec. Coleman, 6-3
Bout two – Coleman TF Sancho, 9-0
Bout three – Coleman TF Sancho, 8-0

3rd: Hayden Tuma (Army (WCAP)) dec. Jamel Johnson (Marines), 6-2

72 kg
1st: Jon Jay Chavez (Finger Lakes WC) def. RaVaughn Perkins (NYAC), two matches to none
Bout one – Perkins TF Chavez, 8-0
Bout two – Chavez dec. Perkins, 5-4
Bout three – Chavez dec. Perkins, 7-5

3rd: Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) dec. Eleazar Deluca (Florida Jets), 7-1

77 kg
1st: Kamal Bey (Sunkist Kids) def. Mason Manville (Army WCAP), two matches to none
Bout one – Bey dec. Manville, 5-3
Bout two – Bey TF Manville, 10-0

3rd: Peyton Walsh (Marines)

82 kg
1st: Geordan Speiller (Florida Jets) def. Cheney Haight (NYAC), two matches to none
Bout one – Speiller dec. Haight, 7-2
Bout two – Speiller TF Haight, 8-0

3rd: John Stefanowicz (Marines) dec. Jacob Fisher (Curby-3-Style), 7-0

87 kg
1st: Patrick Martinez (NYAC) def. Ben Provisor (NYAC/Nittany Lion WC), two matches to one
Bout one – Martinez dec. Provisor, 6-0
Bout two – Provisor dec. Martinez, 1-1
Bout three – Martinez dec. Provisor, 1-1

3rd: Kevin Radford (Sunkist Kids) TF Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm), 8-0

97 kg
1st: G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist Kids) def. Daniel Miller (Marines), two matches to none
Bout one – Hancock dec. Miller, 11-8
Bout two – Hancock dec. Miller, 6-3

3rd: Lucas Sheridan (Army (WCAP)) dec. Kevin Beazley (NYAC/MWC), 9-4

130 kg
1st: Adam Coon (NYAC) def. Robby Smith (NYAC), two matches to none
Bout one – Coon dec. Smith, 3-1
Bout two – Coon fall Smith, 5:55

3rd: David Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley RTC) dec. Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids WC), 6-5