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133 is what we thought it was.

So since I wrote my first installment of my year long commitment to write each week, things have gotten pretty crazy in the 133 landscape. It was announced that Seth Gross was going to be out for the year, DeSanto beat Lizak and Surriano, subsequently yelling in their faces as one does, and Phillipi beat Fix, as well as lost to Myers of VaTech, and just for the hell of it, Roman Bravo Young fell to Ben Thornton of Purdue. Meanwhile, Micic quietly rose to the number one ranking, where he followed that up with a major decision over Luke Pletcher, who was ranked 6th at the moment. The only consistencies with this season so far are that nobody is safe, and Micic is unbelievable.

Moving forward, we’ll have Micic going to face RBY, assuming he’s healthy, or whoever Penn State this next Friday, but without Minnesota or Iowa on their regular season schedule, he’s not scheduled to come up against another ranked conference opponent until Suriano on February 17th in New Jersey. For that matter, DeSanto doesn’t have anymore ranked Big Ten Opponents left on his schedule either, so it looks like those two will most likely enter the Big Ten Tournament as the #1 and #2 seeds. Also, depending on how the February 24th dual against Oklahoma State goes, Micic and DeSanto could be #1 and #2 in the country as well. Interesting point, DeSanto didn’t wrestle last night against Illinois, and Iowa’s backup, Paul Glynn, knocked off Dylan Duncan, who was ranked 17th at the time. There was some speculation among myself, and others that I know in the wrestling community, that it could be a disciplinary thing with DeSanto for costing them team points in back to back matches. I imagine DeSanto will be back soon, and like I said, there is a world where he beats Fix in February enters the conference tournament as the #2 ranked wrestler in the country.

Daton Fix has the toughest road headed into the conference tournament of the top contenders. He’s got Austin Gomez coming up on 1/27, and Erneste (of Missouri) and DeSanto in back to back weeks. It’ll be interesting to see how he gets through that, and with five guys in the Big 12 ranked top 20, that conference tournament should be competitive. Fix has beaten everyone else in that conference once, so you’d expect someone with his track record to enter as the 1 seed there.

It’s been funny watching Twitter over the last week or so with everyone not named Micic beating one another. Like I said, nobody is safe! That isn’t to say that 133 isn’t talented. In fact, quite the opposite. This is clearly one of the more deep weight classes in the country, and every match is something to watch intently, and will have a lasting effect on the post season. Saying all that, what you read will not happen at all. That’s what would happen if 133 were predictable, which it has demonstrated it is anything but. Enjoy yourself some wrestling this weekend! Schultz has been excellent, so go check that out. Also, if you have a moment, take a look at the 70kg weight class. That one is outrageous.