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A Wrestling Video Game, with a Different Approach. RTCRPG

When I write, I tend to write about things that I enjoy. Some sort of cross functional or cross platform layout of things I enjoy all mashed together. Like Paella, which is a delicious meal, but in article form. This one, is no different. I grew up playing video games, and as I’ve grown older, not a lot has changed. I play less of them than I did before, but still enjoy them when possible. I recently purchased the SNES Classic. The one with several games pre loaded into the mini version of it. Mostly for nostalgic reasons, to play some simple games with my kids, and all that fun stuff. One of those games was Final Fantasy 3, which I played more than I care to admit. Playing the game now reminded me of a couple things. First and foremost, how very many options there are in the battle modes. Your traditional attacks, items, special skills, magic, and each category you choose has sub categories where you can choose more in depth attacks, or defenses. The simple variety made me really start to think… Is this the way to approach a wrestling video game? I had basically come to the conclusion that there are too many moves, and counters, and scenarios to ever make a real wrestling video game, but now, I have hope. Here I will outline what I believe may be an option in the future, and a brief storyboard as well.

So lets start with the matches. As I mentioned above, the issue with a wrestling video game was that there are too many layered attacks, set ups, counters, defenses, and situations to try to build into a video game. Though it’ll likely still be impossible to include everything, a traditional RPG will at least allow for more of a selection than simple button combinations or approaches. As your wrestler gains in experience and skills, you’ll have a more diverse selection of set ups to chose from, which would lead to additional attacks. The set ups and attacks would have to make sense. For example, you aren’t going to dive in on a low single from a front headlock, but you could hit an inside trip, throw by, spin behind, gator roll, etc… Additionally, if you are in on the front headlock, you’d have the chance to counter with other moves as well. For example, drag by, hand control, reshot and simply drive through , or back out. The chances that the moves, or counters, will work, will depend on a lot of things. As you gain experience in matches, and practice/drilling sessions, you’ll be able to hit more moves more quickly, and the percentage of success goes up. The matches won’t necessarily be as fluid as a real wrestling match, but there could be an option to watch the final match at the end of the battle sequence. Anyone who has played your traditional RPG, knows that these battles can be awesome to be a part of, even if it is more choppy than your traditional fighting game. The main point though, is the variety of attacks and choices that you can choose from in that setting would allow for a much more expansive wrestling/battle sequence, that would most closely resemble the choices in an actual wrestling match.

Now, any RPG has a story line that goes along with it. I’m thinking that this could follow a wrestler after graduating from college, and headed into an RTC program. For the sake of excitement and making for some quick battles from time to time, I believe it makes the most sense to make this a freestyle wrestling game. You’d have the option to meet with a variety of different RTCs, review their lineups and training partners, strengths of their coaching staffs, and decide what will be the best place to train for you. For example, if your strengths are in neutral - you could choose a place that will help you further develop those skills, or you could choose a place that will help you develop better par tare skills. The training, along with setting and achieving goals along the way, wrestling in international competitions, and ultimately finishing out the quad with your chance at an Olympic gold medal. Making weight, fund raising for travel and general living expenses, along with your regular training regimen, plus some other exciting story lines, could make up for an enjoyable game play experience.

This pretty much ends my idea, but I think it could end up being a great idea. Or not, it could be a bad one, but I know there is a way for a wrestling video game to finally exist, and I won’t rest until I figure out a way to get this done. Let me know your thoughts. Rock on.