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Adidas Wrestling Shoe Review - The simple brilliance that is the HVC

There are things that exist in life that you make assumptions of. I do it, you do it, we all do it. This isn’t a criticism, in fact, many times assumptions are based on a series of experiences you, or someone close to you, has had which led you to believe one thing or another. In this instance, this is a series of experiences that you, or someone you know, has had when buying wrestling shoes in a retail sports store. When shopping at your local Dicks, or Dunhams, or wherever, I’ve found there will be about 6 options to choose. Usually your “cheap” version from a brand, and a more expensive version of that same brand (those brands being Asics, Nike, and Adidas). If you’ve read these before, you know my stance is typically that the wrestler at your everyday high school meet in the Speedsweeps is about to get destroyed by someone wearing your Varners or Impacts, you know, shoes that you had to order. Speedsweeps go to the kid who’s parents are buying their first pair of wrestling shoes for their kid who they don’t think will really stick with the sport.


In this case, the Speedsweeps are bad shoes that directly indicate to me that you haven’t invested financially or emotionally into the sport, and it will show on the mat. Now, back to the HVC’s. I’ve often seen them at retail stores as well, and they are a less expensive version of Adidas in the stores, but that’s where my incorrect assumptions kicked in, and all comparisons to lesser shoes ends. This shoe is fantastic. It’s full soul grip really grabs the mat, and allows for maximum traction from all angles. Another interesting piece about these souls, is that they are arched. Similar to the Combat Speed, the heel and palm of the foot are slightly lower than the arch, which allows for solid bending of the shoes without being completely broken in. They are very flexible, and allow for excellent mobility. Part of the mobility the shoe provides is from just how light they are. This is one of the least clunky, and most form fitting shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. They are extremely comfortable, and sit low on the ankle, so it doesn’t constrict any movements either. Finally, the ankle band has high elasticity, and does an excellent job of holding the laces in place. Oh, and these come in adult and youth sizes, so your little wrestlers can enjoy this quality along with you.

The biggest difference between the HVC’s and your other branded less expensive shoes, is that you never see any high level wrestlers intentionally wearing those shoes. However, the HVC’s are all over college wrestling and internationally. These shoes are chosen by some of NCAA and USA’s best wrestling ambassadors. For example, Max Dean, Yianni Diakamaholis, Alex Dieringer (he wore these shoes when he won his first NCAA title), Darian Cruz, all chose these shoes above all others during their college or international seasons, and in some cases, just all the time. Only one time I ever remember seeing someone intentionally wear speedweeps on the college level, and they lost… so… not great.


Do yourself a favor. Get rid of any preconceived notions of less expensive shoes when you try these on. These shoes are durable, provide top notch grip, slide well, fit perfect, and will help you wrestle like Dean, Yianni, Dieringer, and Cruz, all combined! Maybe not that last part, but you won’t regret this purchase from adidaswrestling.com - especially when you get 20% off using promo code BLOOD20.

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