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Big Ten by the Weights

If you look closely, it's a wall mural in the Wisconsin Athletics Offices. Pretty cool. 

If you look closely, it's a wall mural in the Wisconsin Athletics Offices. Pretty cool. 

Looking at the current Big Ten ranked guys by weight is very interesting as we are nearing the first serious duals of the season. The Big Ten is once again loaded while welcoming two more teams to the fray. Might as well put pen to paper here and update it as the season goes along. 

125 returns Jesse Delgado (Illinois), the defending 2-time National Champion. He obviously sits on top, but there are plenty of talented guys to knock him off. Gilman & Tomasello are two young guys looking to make a big splash and have the talent to do so. Conaway & Lambert are two guys who will likely see time in the top ten this year as well. 

1-  Jesse Delgado (Illinois)
4- Thomas Gilman (Iowa)
7- Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin)
11- Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)
12- Jordan Conaway (Penn State)
14- Tim Lambert (Nebraska)
20- Conor Youtsey (Michigan)

133 is an interesting weight with the top 4 placers at the Big Ten tourny last year all graduated. Chris Dardanes (Minnesota) drops down from 141 to be the early favorite in an up for grabs weight class.  Even after such a senior driven year at this weight, 8 guys are ranked in the conference including 7 of the top 11. 

2- Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)
4- Cory Clark (Iowa)
5- Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State)
7- Zane Richards (Illinois)
8- Johnni Dijulius (Ohio State)
9- Rossi Bruno (Michigan)
11- Geoff Alexander (Maryland)
15- Jesse Thielke (Wisconsin)

141 is led by 3-time National Champion Logan Steiber (Ohio State), but there is a talented group of returning wrestlers trying to ruin the parade including 4 of the top 6. 

1-  Logan Steiber (Ohio State)
3- Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
4- Stephen Dutton (Michigan)
6- Josh Dziewa (Iowa)
15- Anthony Abidin (Nebraska)
16- Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers)
17- Steven Rodrigues (Illinois)

149 returns NCAA Champ Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern). All eyes are on how Hunter Steiber (should be ranked 2nd) returns after the redshirt year, but he won't meet Tsirtsis until the Big Ten tournament. After them though, this weight has the fewest ranked guys.

1-  Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)
4- Hunter Steiber (Ohio State)
8- Brody Grothus (Iowa)
16- Zach Beitz (Penn State)
19- Ken Theobold (Rutgers)

157- Dylan Ness (Minnesota) returns from making the NCAA Finals after the big upset pin of James Green (Nebraska). They return as 1 & 2, but then the Big Ten also offers 7 of the top 11 ranked guys for another fun year at 157.

1- Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
2- James Green (Nebraska)
5- Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers)
7- Josh Demas (Ohio State)
9- Dylan Alton (Penn State)
10- Brian Murphy (Michigan)
11- Isiah Martinez (Illinois)

165 is vacated by David Taylor. Now who will take the throne in what looks to be the most interesting weight class this year in the Big Ten. If you asked ten different wrestling writers to rank the 8 guys ranked right now, I believe you would get ten different results. This is going to be awesome to see!

4- Pierce Hargar (Northwestern)
6- Nick Moore (Iowa)
7- Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)
9- Bo Jordan (Ohio State)
10- Taylor Massa (Michigan)
12- Taylor Walsh (Indiana)
13- Jackson Morse (Illinois)
16- Austin Wilson (Nebraska)

174 returns the top 4 last year who never lost a match to anyone ranked below them. Can't wait to see them battle again. 

1- Logan Storley (Minnesota)
2- Robert Kokesh (Nebraska)
3- Matt Brown (Penn State)
4- Mike Evans (Iowa)
10- Mark Martin (Ohio State)
12- Zac Brunson (Illinois)

184 was vacated by 3-time National Champ Ed Ruth. Now who will step up? This weight features the lowest rankings for the Big Ten crown to start the year.

8- Kenny Courts (Ohio State)
10- Sammy Brooks (Iowa)
11- Dominic Abounader (Michigan)
14- Brent Pfarr (Minnesota)
16- TJ Dudley (Nebraska)
19- Nikko Reyes (Illinois)

At 197, there is a lot of hype around freshman Kyle Snyder (Ohio State), but he will have to go through veteran guys who won't make it easy. Scott Schiller (Minnesota) is currently ranked #1 and Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) entered the Big Ten tournament as the #1 seed last season. Another caveat is the top 4 ranked guys here are from the top 4 teams. This means high profile matches that will likely settle the duals one way or the other.

1- Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
4- Morgan McIntosh (Penn State)
6- Nathan Burak (Iowa)
7- Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)
9- Braden Atwood (Purdue)
10- Alex Polizzi (Northwestern)
12- Timmy McCall (Wisconsin)
17- Max Huntley (Michigan)
20- Luke Sheridan (Indiana)

Heavyweight last year in the Big Ten featured 7 of the top 8 ranked guys entering the postseason. It'll be another year of highly contested match-ups to determine who will become the number one guy in March. 

2- Mike McMullan (Northwestern)
3- Bobby Telford (Iowa)
4- Adam Coon (Michigan)
6- Connor Medbery (Wisconsin)
7- Jon Gingrich (Penn State)
9- Billy Smith (Rutgers)
11- Nick Tavanello (Ohio State)
18- Collin Jensen (Nebraska)