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Weekend Recap


It was a fun and wild weekend on the mats with some interesting dual results. Here are a few.

Missouri 20 defeated Ohio State 19

For the 2nd time this season, Ohio State lost a non-conference dual by criteria. This dual was highlighted when #3 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) pinned #2 Hunter Stieber in the first period. It was Stieber's first appearance in the lineup this year due to injury and perhaps too tall of a task to ask to face the Tiger all-american. The other potential marquee match-up did not happen as Missouri had #3 (at 197) wrestle at heavyweight rather than wrestle #7 Kyle Snyder. The criteria of 1st takedown in the dual seems like a strange one and certainly will be a topic of discussion this week. 

125: Alan Waters (Missouri) dec. Nathan Tomasello (OSU), 11-8; Missouri 3, OSU 0
133: Johnni DiJulius dec. Matt Manley (Missouri), 5-2; Missouri 3, OSU 3
141: Logan Stieber won by forfeit; OSU 9, Missouri 3
149: Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) pinned Hunter Stieber (OSU), 2:49; OSU 9, Missouri 9
157: Josh Demas (OSU) dec. Joseph LaVallee (Missouri), 3-2; OSU 12, Missouri 9
165: Cody Johnson (Missouri) dec. Justin Kresevic (OSU), 9-7 (OT); OSU 12, Missouri 12
174: Mark Martin (OSU) dec. Mike England (Missouri), 5-2; OSU 15, Missouri 12
184: Willie Miklus (Missouri) maj. dec. Josh Fox (OSU), 12-2; Missouri 16, OSU 15
197: Kyle Snyder (OSU) maj. dec. John Eblen (Missouri), 15-5; OSU 19, Missouri 16
285: J'den Cox (Missouri) dec. Nick Tavanello (OSU), 4-2; Missouri 20, OSU 19*
*Missouri awarded point based on fourth tiebreaker criteria (first takedown of first match)

Wisconsin-23 Nebraska-14

The Badgers are perhaps a team that too many are sleeping on. This has to be considered a significant upset. It really came down to the swing matches to push this to the Badgers' favor. Underrated Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) defeated #15 TJ Dudley 9-4. At 149, Ryan Lubeck (Wisconsin) was able to defeat #20 Justin Arthur 8-7. These two matches swung the match count to 6-4 for Wisconsin and allowed them move to 3-0 in the Big Ten. 

174: #1 Robert Kokesh (NEB) by major dec. over Frank Cousins (WIS), 16-5 (NEB 4, WIS 0)
184: #20 Ricky Robertson (WIS) by dec. over #17 TJ Dudley (NEB), 9-4 (NEB 4, WIS 3)
197: #16 Timmy McCall (WIS) by sudden victory-1 over Aaron Studebaker (NEB), 8-6 (WIS 6, NEB 4)
HWT: #5 Connor Medbery (WIS) by major dec. over #14 Collin Jensen (NEB), 11-3 (WIS 10, NEB 4)
125: #18 Tim Lambert (NEB) by dec. over Johnny Jimenez (WIS), 5-0 (WIS 10, NEB 7)
133: #18 Ryan Taylor (WIS) by major dec. over Eric Montoya (NEB), 12-4 (WIS 14, NEB 7)
141: #20 Anthony Abidin (NEB) by major dec. over Jesse Thielke (WIS), 11-2 (WIS 14, NEB 11)
149: Rylan Lubeck (WIS) by dec. over #19 Justin Arthur (NEB), 8-7 (WIS 17, NEB 11)
157: #2 James Green (NEB) by dec. over Jarod Donar (WIS), 9-7 (WIS 17, NEB 14)
165: #7 Isaac Jordan (WIS) by pin over #20 Austin Wilson (NEB), 0:32 (WIS 23, NEB 14)

North Dakota State-23 South Dakota State-14

The back and forth dual came down to two heavyweights who have both spent time in the rankings. Evan Knutson (NDSU) was leading 5-1 over JJ Everard when he got the pin with just 11 seconds left. The Battle for the Dakotas feature two of the best young head coaches in wrestling with Roger Kish and Chris Bono. 

125 - #14 Josh Rodriguez (NDSU) major dec Isaac Andrade (SDSU), 15-6 (Bison, 4-0)
133 - Brance Simms (SDSU) major dec Hunter Weber (NDSU), 12-3 (Tied, 4-4)
141 - Mitch Bengtson (NDSU) dec Alex Kocer (SDSU), 6-1 (Bison, 7-4)
149 - Clay Ream (NDSU) dec Colin Holler (SDSU), 8-2 (Bison, 10-4)
157 - #14 Cody Pack (SDSU) major dec Steven Keogh (NDSU), 16-6 (Bison, 10-8)
165 - John Nething II (SDSU) dec Anthony Caputo (NDSU), 12-6 (SDSU, 11-10)
174 - #15 Kurtis Julson (NDSU) dec David Kocer (SDSU), 8-2 (Bison , 13-11)
184 - #10 Hayden Zillmer (NDSU) major dec Brady Ayers (SDSU), 14-5 (Bison, 17-11)
197 - #15 Nate Rotert (SDSU) dec Tommy Petersen (NDSU), 8-5 (Bison, 17-14)
285 - #13 Evan Knutson (NDSU) fall J.J. Everard (SDSU), 6:49 (Bison 23-14)

Virginia Military Institute-24 Franklin & Marshall-19

It came down to Bloodround favorite Juan Adams (VMI) and he came through with a pin in the second period to give the Keydets the win. Shabaka Johns (VMI) also won his match to maintain the coolest wrestler in the country award. 

125: Dalton Henderson (VMI) over Dan Martoccio (F&M) (Fall 2:17)
133: Patrick Quinlan (F&M) over Hunter Starner (VMI) (Fall 1:37)
141: Emmitt Kelly (VMI) over Jason Bing (F&M) (Dec 5-2)
149: Sharron Townsend (F&M) over Jack Krall (VMI) (MD 16-6)
157: Rob King (F&M) over BJ Crozier (VMI) (Fall 2:14)
165: Shabaka Johns (VMI) over Andy Francos (F&M) (Dec 3-0)
174: Mark Darr (VMI) over Gordon Bolig (F&M) (Dec 10-3)
184: Derek Thurman (VMI) over Anthony Mancini (F&M) (Dec 8-4)
197: Charles Kerkesner (F&M) over Jake Tomlinson (VMI) (Dec 6-3)
285: Juan Adams (VMI) over Alex Henry (F&M) (Fall 4:54)