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Midlands Finals Set

The finals are set for the 52nd Midlands Championships. The favorites in the rankings largely prevailed in some entertaining semi-final matches, but Zane Richards (Illinois) crashed the party with an upset 1-0 victory over #1 AJ Schopp (Edinboro). 

Richards was given a takedown in the first period when he locked up a cradle, but it was waved off later. He surprisingly quickly escaped in the 2nd period and continued the assault on Schopp's legs. In the 3rd, Schopp chose neutral and again it was Richards on the attack not allowing Schopp to get any offense of his own going. 

Several finals will be very entertaining with 8 of the 10 weights featuring matchups with both guys ranked in the top ten. 

Semi-final results: 

No. 4 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) dec. Stevan Micic (Northwestern), 4-3
No. 6 Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) dec. No. 14 Josh Rodriguez (North Dakota State), 7-1

No. 7 Zane Richards (Illinois) dec. No. 1 A.J. Schopp (Edinboro), 1-0
No. 4 Cory Clark (Iowa) dec. Jarrod Garnett (LVAC), 7-6

No. 2 Mitchell Port (Edinboro) dec. No. 9 Chris Mecate (Old Dominion), 11-7
No. 3 Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) maj. dec. Steven Rodrigues (Illinois), 15-6

No. 1 Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) dec. Brody Grothus (Iowa), 3-2 TB2
No. 3 Dave Habat (Edinboro) dec. No. 10 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa), 3-2

No. 9 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) maj. dec. Mike Kelly (Iowa), 16-5
No. 14 Cody Pack (South Dakota State) dec. No. 18 Justin Staudenmayer (Brown), 5-1 

No. 4 Taylor Walsh (Indiana) pinned No. 12 Jackson Morse (Illinois), 0:47
No. 8 Pierce Harger (Northwestern) dec. No. 7 Nick Moore (Iowa), 8-5 

No. 2 Mike Evans (Iowa) dec. Brock Gutches (Southern Oregon), 4-0
No. 9 Zac Brunson (Illinois) maj. dec. Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern), 8-0

No. 2 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) dec. No. 10 Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State), 7-5
No. 4 Jack Dechow (Old Dominion) dec. No. 8 Sam Brooks (Iowa), 6-5

No. 6 Nathan Burak (Iowa) dec. James Fox (Harvard), 3-1
No. 14 Timmy McCall (Wisconsin) dec. Jeff Koepke (Illinois), 5-3

No. 1 Michael McMullan (Northwestern) dec. No. 7 Ty Walz (Virginia Tech), 4-2
No. 3 Bobby Telford (Iowa) dec. No. 5 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin), 3-1