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Iowa Dominates the Midlands

It was no surprise that Iowa won the 52nd Midlands Championsips, but it was a surprise how much success they had doing it. It wasn't the most star studded field ever put on by the Midlands, but top to bottom Iowa proved they are the #1 team in the country. They broke their own Midlands tournament scoring record with 189 team points on the way to crowning four champions. Four champions is very impressive and it was the first time since 2007 they did it, but the Hawkeyes were represented in each weight class on the medal stand with the lowest (top) placer in each weight was 4th. That's just ridiculous and shows the strength they possess heading in to 2015. 

Taylor Walsh (Indiana) took home Outstanding Wrestler honors only being unable to pin one opponent in the tournament. He trailed #8 Pierce Harger (Northwestern) before throwing him in a lefty head and arm and pinning him (of course). 

The tournament saw two #1 ranked guys go down. AJ Schopp (Edinboro) at 133 lost to Zane Richards (Illinois) 1-0 in the semis. In the finals #3 Bobby Telford (Iowa) was able to take advantage of a bad shot from #1 Michael McMullan (Northwestern) to win 4-2. 

Kevin defeated Tommy in picks quite easily. Tommy had a very rough semifinal round pick wise and couldn't recover. We have been going back and forth this year so Kevin will be looking to get a streak going with the Scuffle picks this week. 

1st: No. 6 Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) dec. No. 4 Thomas Gilman (Iowa), 3-1 SV2
3rd: Stevan Micic (Northwestern) dec. Kory Mines (Edinboro), 4-1
5th: No. 14 Joshua Rodriguez (North Dakota State) dec. Billy Watterson (Brown), 9-2
7th: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) maj. dec. David White (Binghamton), 15-4

1st: No. 4 Cory Clark (Iowa) dec. No. 7 Zane Richards (Illinois), 4-2
3rd: No. 16 Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin) by medical forfeit over No. 1 A.J. Schopp (Edinboro)
5th: Kevin Norstrem (Virginia Tech) dec. Jarrod Garnett (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club), 3-2
7th: Dominick Malone (Northwestern) dec. Caleb Richardson (Penn), 7-5

1st: No. 2 Mitchell Port (Edinboro) dec. No. 3 Devin Carter (Virginia Tech), 4-1
3rd: Joey McKenna (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club) dec. No. 6 Josh Dziewa (Iowa), 3-1
5th: No. 9 Chris Mecate (Old Dominion) dec. Steven Rodrigues (Illinois), 6-2
7th: Brandon Wright (Grand View) dec. Shyhiem Brown (Maryland), 3-2

1st: No. 1 Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) dec. No. 3 David Habat (Edinboro), 2-1 TB
3rd: No. 10 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) dec. No. 16 Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech), 6-0
5th: Rick Durso (F&M) by medical forfeit over Brody Grothus (Iowa)
7th: No. 12 Alexander Richardson (Old Dominion) dec. Seth Lange (Minnesota), 9-5

1st: No. 9 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) dec. No. 1 4 Cody Pack (South Dakota State), 6-3
3rd: Mike Kelly (Iowa) dec. Chad Walsh (Rider), 4-3
5th: No. 18 Justin Staudenmayer (Brown) dec. Louis Mascola (Maryland), 4-3
7th: Doug Welch (Purdue) dec. Brandon Zeerip (Eastern Michigan), 7-0

1st: No. 4 Taylor Walsh (Indiana) pinned No. 8 Pierce Harger (Northwestern), 4:06
3rd: No. 12 Jackson Morse (Illinois) dec. No. 7 Nick Moore (Iowa), 5-2
5th: No. 16 Adam Fierro (CSU Bakersfield) dec. Ty Prazma (Missouri), 6-5
7th: No. 14 Tristan Warner (Old Dominion) pinned Pat Smith (Minnesota), 2:07

1st: No. 2 Mike Evans (Iowa) dec. No. 9 Zac Brunson (Illinois), 2-1
3rd: Alex Meyer (Iowa) maj. dec. Josh Snook (Maryland), 13-5
5th: Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern) by forfeit over Brock Gutches (Southern Oregon)
7th: Frank Cousins (Wisconsin) dec. No. 19 Nate Jackson (Indiana), 3-2

1st: No. 4 Jack Dechow (Old Dominion) maj. dec. No. 2 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn), 13-5
3rd: No. 8 Sam Brooks (Iowa) dec. No. 10 Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State), 3-1
5th: No. 14 Vic Avery (Edinboro) dec. No. 20 Nikko Reyes (Illinois), 3-2
7th: No. 18 Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) dec. Brett Harner (Princeton), 5-4

1st: No. 6 Nathan Burak (Iowa) dec. No. 14 Timmy McCall (Wisconsin), 4-3
3rd: James Fox (Harvard) dec. No. 8 Alex Polizzi (Northwestern), 6-4 SV
5th: No. 10 Abe Ayala (Princeton) dec. Jeff Koepke (Illinois), 5-3
7th: Ruben Franklin (CSU Bakersfield) dec. Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois), 4-3

1st: No. 3 Bobby Telford (Iowa) dec. No. 1 Michael McMullan (Northwestern), 4-2
3rd: No. 5 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) dec. No. 7 Ty Walz (Virginia Tech), 2-1
5th: Dawson Peck (Maryland) dec. No. 13 Evan Knutson (North Dakota State), 1-0
7th: Garrett Ryan (Columbia) maj. dec. No. 18 Jake Henderson (Old Dominion), 10-1