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Iowa Travels to Columbus Today

The 2014-15 season is one that the Ohio State Wrestling program has waited for. They have a National Championship potential team that is looking to win the Big Ten as well for the first time since 1951. There is no shortage of hype, and today is the day to see if it's warranted. It's a good ole fashioned Big Ten conference dual in Columbus between the Buckeyes and Hawkeyes. True, the Buckeyes have lost two non-conference duals this year by tiebreaker with injuries, but a win over the Hawkeyes would mean nobody would give a shit about those duals.

I have it 5-5 assuming a healthy Bo Jordan wrestles a struggling Nick Moore and Burak doesn't wrestle at 197. This should be incredibly fun. 

125: Nathan Tomasello (OSU) vs Thomas Gilman (IOWA)
133: Johnni DiJulius (OSU) vs Cory Clark (IOWA)
141: Logan Stieber (OSU) vs Josh Dziewa (IOWA)
149: Hunter Stieber/ Randy Languis (OSU) vs Brandon Sorenson (IOWA)
157: Josh Demas (OSU) vs Michael Kelly (IOWA)
165: Bo Jordan/ Justin Kresevic (OSU) vs Nick Moore (IOWA)
174: Mark Martin (OSU) vs Mike Evans (IOWA)
184: Kenny Courts (OSU) vs Sammy Brooks (IOWA)
197: Kyle Snyder (OSU) vs Nathan Burak/Kris Klapprodt (IOWA)
285: Nick Tavanello (OSU) vs Bobby Telford (IOWA)

125- Tomasello has looked very good this year, but so has Gilman. I think Gilman is a little better than Tomasello right now, but this will be close. Iowa 3-0.

133- Clark is a significant favorite (in my opinion), but shouldn't be able to rack up bonus points. Iowa 6-0

141- Logan Stieber racks up bonus points on everyone but Zain Retherford (Penn State). A pin for the Buckeyes makes this a dual, but I'm not sure he gets it. Iowa 6-4. 

149- I'm liking the freshman, Sorenson the more I see him. I think he keeps it close, but loses to Hunter Stieber. Stieber will be looking for a solid win after getting pinned against Missouri cost them the dual. Ohio State 7-6

157- I think Kelly can pull this out over Demas and this is more of a swing match than most people think. However, Demas should win the close match. Ohio State 10-6. 

165- If Bo Jordan wrestles, he can beat the struggling Nick Moore. We haven't seen Bo Jordan since November though. This is tough to predict because Kresevic does not have a chance at beating Moore. Assuming Jordan wrestles I'll pick him to win a very close match. Ohio State 13-6.

174- Mike Evans comes through in these situations and is a significant favorite over Mark Martin. Unfortunately for Iowa, he is not known for putting up big bonus points unless it's a pin. Ohio State 13-9

184- Sammy Brooks has looked good this year and should be Kenny Courts. A decent amount of people may be picking the other way, but I feel confident about this. Ohio State 13-12 

197- Kyle Snyder against Klapprodt could mean a big pin for the Buckeyes, but all that would mean is it comes down to heavyweight. Midlands champ Burak against Snyder would be a very compelling match, but I don't think we will see it. Ohio State 17-12

285- Telford should be able to hammer Tavanello even if they need bonus points to win the dual. Does Telford get the pin win for Iowa? Yes. Iowa 18-17.