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Scuffle Results

The 10 Southern Scuffle Champions

The 10 Southern Scuffle Champions

For the second consecutive year, Gabe Dean (Cornell) beat a #1 wrestler in the finals of the Southern Scuffle. This year was not the upset that last year was by any stretch of the imagination, but still very impressive. The reason Dean was not ranked #1 was a disappointing 4th place finish at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Inv. That tournament may be an outlying event when we look back at his career. 

Alan Waters (Missouri) was one of three Tigers to win the tournament which is really impressive. Waters winning really shouldn't be a huge surprise, but Garrett (Cornell) had looked unstoppable so far this year. Garrett got caught with a leg in during a scramble and you could see he immediately felt uncomfortable himself not being a leg rider. Waters used it for a reversal which was the difference in the match. 

Oklahoma State had three champions of their own. Alex Dieringer is making college wrestling look a little too easy, Josh Kindig keeps winning and proving his top 5 ranking with an impressive win over Houdashelt, and Austin Marsden defeated Adam Coon (Michigan) in impressive fashion.   

Penn State won the team title with Missouri coming in second. Penn State proved with young stars that they may have the best "B" team (combo of redshirts and backups) that the sport has ever seen. Even still they won the team title. 

Kevin won the Midlands picks and the Scuffle this week. The picks were very close with the Scuffle defeating Tommy and Rob 22-20-19. Now we have to hear about Kevin's winning streak for awhile....

1st: No. 3 Alan Waters (Missouri) dec. No. 2 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell), 3-1
3rd: No. 20 Sean Boyle (Chattanooga) dec. No. 11 Eddie Klimara (Oklahoma State), 11-9
5th: No. 17 Tim Lambert (Nebraska) dec. No. 10 Tyler Cox (Wyoming), 3-2
7th: No. 5 Jordan Conaway (Penn State) dec. Ben Willeford (Cleveland State), 10-4

1st: No. 13 Earl Hall (Iowa State) dec. No. 8 Rossi Bruno (Michigan), 5-2
3rd: No. 6 Mason Beckman (Lehigh) dec. No. 5 Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State), 3-1 SV
5th: No. 15 Kevin Devoy (Drexel) dec. No. 14 Mackenzie McGuire (Kent State), 4-2
7th: No. 18 Nick Soto (Chattanooga) dec. Troy Heilmann (North Carolina), 10-4

1st: No. 8 Lavion Mayes (Missouri) dec. No. 17 Geo Martinez (Boise State), 6-4
3rd: No. 20 Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) dec. No. 10 Zach Horan (Central Michigan), 2-1
5th: No. 14 Joey Ward (North Carolina) dec. Kade Moss (Penn State), 8-5
7th: George Fisher (Michigan) dec. Dean Heil (Oklahoma State), 9-3

1st: No. 2 Joshua Kindig (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 4 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri), 5-3
3rd: Edgar Bright (Pittsburgh) dec. No. 17 Zack Beitz (Penn State), 3-2
5th: Luke Frey (Penn State) pinned Tyler Berger (Nebraska), 1:31
7th: No. 15 Mike Racciato (Pittsburgh) dec. Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan), 3-2

1st: No. 2 James Green (Nebraska) dec. Jason Nolf (Penn State), 7-4
3rd: Tommy Gantt (North Carolina State) dec. No. 8 Dylan Alton (Penn State), 5-2
5th: Aaron Walker (The Citadel) tech. fall No. 12 Russell Parsons (Army), 20-5
7th: No. 19 Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State) dec. Max Hvolbek (Stanford), 10-4

1st: No. 1 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 2 Nick Sulzer (Virginia), 8-2
3rd: No. 15 Peyton Walsh (Navy) dec. Chance Marstellar (Oklahoma State), 8-3
5th: Coleman Gracey (Army) dec. Marshall Peppelman (Lehigh), 4-0
7th: Ethan Ramos (North Carolina) dec. Dakota Friesth (Wyoming), 7-3

1st: No. 1 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) dec. No. 4 Matt Brown (Penn State), 3-2
3rd: John Eblen (Missouri) dec. No. 5 Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh), 7-3
5th: Andy McCulley (Wyoming) by medical forfeit over No. 18 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State)
7th: No. 7 Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State) dec. Jordan Rogers (Oklahoma State), 10-8 SV

1st: No. 7 Gabe Dean (Cornell) pinned No. 1 Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh), 3:55
3rd: No. 3 Nate Brown (Lehigh) pinned Matt McCutcheon (Penn State), 5:00
5th: No. 16 Domenic Abounader (Michigan) dec. No. 9 Willie Miklus (Missouri), 4-3
7th: Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State) by medical forfeit over No. 19 T.J. Dudley (Nebraska)

1st: No. 3 J'den Cox (Missouri) dec. No. 5 Conner Hartmann (Duke), 6-1
3rd: No. 4 Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) dec. No. 15 Elliot Riddick (Lehigh), 4-3
5th: No. 18 Jace Bennett (Cornell) by medical forfeit over No. 12 Max Huntley (Michigan) 
7th: Shane Woods (Wyoming) dec. No. 16 Zach Nye (Virginia), 3-1 SV

1st: No. 4 Austin Marsden (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 8 Adam Coon (Michigan), 7-4
3rd: Jon Gingrich (Penn State) dec. Devin Mellon (Missouri), 3-2
5th: No. 19 Riley Shaw (Cleveland State) by medical forfeit over Nick Nevills (Penn State) 
7th: Mimmo Lytle (Kent State) dec. Jacob Kettler (George Mason), 5-2