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Hawkeyes & Cowboys Step Outside

You wanna step outside? American culture has dictated this as fighting words, but it may be the polar opposite in this case. Tom Brands & John Smith (also credit mother nature for the decent mid-November weather) have put together a record breaking college match. More than 35,000 people are expected to turn the gates on Saturday in an amazing showing for college wrestling. 

The match itself shouldn't be undersold. It's #2 Oklahoma State travelling to #4 Iowa. It's a year that a lot of different teams have a chance at winning the national championship, because all the usual suspects have young guys stepping in to integral roles. A dual of this magnitude so early in the season is rare, and it will be a lot of fun to take in. Check your pulse if you're not pumped up for this one. 

125- #4 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) vs #7 Eddie Kilmara (Oklahoma St)

- Gilman beat up Kilmara last year 15-5. That's a hard accomplishment to expect again. However, Iowa has to know Dierenger's bonus points are likely coming and they need some of their own. 

Iowa 3-0

133- #2 Cory Clark (Iowa) vs Gary Wayne Harding (Oklahoma St)

- This is the best chance for the Hawkeyes to get those bonus points. Chances are there is a major here at least. A pin could jump start some of that home Hawkeye magic they always seem to have. 

Iowa 7-0

141- Logan Ryan (Iowa) vs #1 Dean Heil (Oklahoma St)

- I'm not sold on Heil being the #1 ranked guy in the country, but the weight class is so wide open it's tough to argue with anyone's choice. Don't expect bonus points here just because one guy is top ranked and one guy just was named the starter days ago. 

Iowa 7-3

149- #3 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) vs #8 Anthony Collica (Oklahoma St)

- Collica had a huge coming out party with huge freestyle wins this summer. Sorensen is a great folkstyle wrestler though making this matchup favor him. Should be fun to watch as the improving Collica can absolutely steal this match. 

Iowa 10-3

157- Edwin Cooper/Skyler St John (Iowa) vs Chance Marsteller/Ryan Blees/Joe Smith (Oklahoma State)

- The battles here for spots is an article in itself that many people have been talking about. The overall talent the Cowboys have here is higher than the Hawkeyes. So I'll give the orange team a decision and move on. Yet, how many duals do you look forward to the big match between the big names and then the big points that change the dual? The most Dieringer can score is six points....

Iowa 10-6

165- Burke Paddock/Patrick Rhoads/Jesus (Iowa) vs Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma St)

- Jesus better have some magic if Brands decides to send him out there. I think Dieringer rises to the moment here and gets the pin. 

Oklahoma St 12-10

174- #6 Alex Meyer (Iowa) vs #4 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma St)

- Meyer won this matchup last year 4-3 at the Joe Parisi Open on Nov 22nd. I'm not really big on November results and Meyer may be Crutchmer's worst loss last year. He had a very good year and it wasn't just a good NCAA tournament when he finished 5th. I give him the edge here. 

Oklahoma St 15-10

184- #12 Sammy Brooks (Iowa) vs #15 Jordan Rodgers (Oklahoma St)

- Brooks had an up and down year in his first go around in the lineup. I like how he is always ready to wrestle and tough for seven minutes. If Rodgers isn't ready for the duration, huge bonus points could come available. 

Oklahoma St 15-13

197- #4 Nathan Burak (Iowa) vs Austin Schaffer/Preston Weigel (Oklahoma St)

- Burak is really good at taking care of business (he didn't lose to anyone last season not named Snyder, Schiller, McIntosh, Gadson, and Cox). However, he doesn't blow people out too often. So expect a solid decision win. 

Iowa 16-15

285- Sam Stoll (Iowa) vs #5 Austin Marsden (Oklahoma St)

- I expect the Cowboys only need a win here from Marsden, but it'd be quite dramatic if they needed more. Stoll should be a fine heavyweight this year in a thinner (no pun intended) Big Ten fray than year's past. Marsden though is really damn good, and should win easily. 

Oklahoma St 18-16

The attendance and the atmosphere is cool, but the match should be even better. Weight class questions, big matches, and bonus point possibilities in different spots should make for an action packed dual.