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Weekend Recap

The international styles showed their version of wrestling was awesome, and with exams going on in a lot of places there wasn't a ton of college wrestling action. Still some interesting things happened so let's hop to it before the Midlands wraps up 2015 for us. 

Let's start with some North Carolina wrestling since after all, this is the season of North Carolina wrestling. Appalachian State knocking off Duke with a 26-14 tally. Forrest Przybysz beat Jake Faust as Duke forfeited one match and App State won 5 of the 9 contested. 

125: Vito Pasone (APP) def. Thayer Atkins (DUKE) MD, 12-4 (4-0 App)
133: Jacob Grigg (APP) wins by forfeit (10-0 App)
141: Zach Finesilver (DUKE) def. Michael Longo (APP) D, 7-6 (10-3 App)
149: Mitch Finesilver (DUKE) def. Matt Zovistoski (APP) D, 2-0 (10-6 App)
157: Connor Bass (DUKE) def. David Peters-Logue (APP) MD, 11-0 (Tied 10-10)
165: Forrest Przybysz (APP) def. Jake Faust (DUKE) D, 3-1 (13-10 App)
174: Nick Kee (APP) def. Brian Dorsey (DUKE) D, 11-6 (16-10 App)
184: Taylor Jackson (APP) def. Spencer Neff (DUKE) F, 6:42 (22-10 App)
197: Conner Hartmann (DUKE) def. Randall Diabe (APP) MD, 8-0 (22-14 App)
Hwt: Denzel Dejournette (APP) def. Brendan Walsh (DUKE) MD, 12-4 (26-14 App)

While Tomasello was in Vegas qualifying for the Olympic Trials, Ohio State still defeated Northwestern 27-16. 

125: Garrison White (NU) tech fall over Mike Manuche (OSU) 17-2 | NU 5, OSU 0
133: #8 Johnni DiJulius major decision over Dominick Malone 8-0 | NU 5, OSU 4
141: Jameson Oster (NU) tech fall over Mike Hozan (OSU) 16-0 | NU 10, OSU 4
149: #3 Jason Tsirtsis (NU) decision over Cody Burcher (OSU) 5-3 | NU 13, OSU 4
157: #13 Jake Ryan (OSU) won by forfeit | NU 13, OSU 10
165: #2 Bo Jordan won by fall over Luke Norland (NU) 2:15 | OSU 16, NU 13
174: Mitch Sliga (NU) decision over Dominic Prezzia (OSU) 4-0 | OSU 16, NU 16
184: #11 Kenny Courts tech fall over Regis Durbin (NU) 16-0 | OSU 21, NU 16
197: Mark Martin (OSU) decision over Jacob Berkowitz (NU) | OSU 24, NU 16
285: #19 Nick Tavanello (OSU) decision over Conan Jennings (NU) 6-2 | OSU 27, NU 16

Oklahoma State beat up Wyoming 34-7, but the Chance Marsteller saga continues with his 3-1 loss to Archie Colgan. Dieringer appears to be making sure he will be fresh at the scuffle with another incredibly fast pin. 

125: No. 5 Eddie Klimara (OSU) dec. Drew Templeman (WYO), 9-4
133: No. 10 Kaid Brock (OSU) TF5 PT Garcia (WYO), 16-0; 1:59
141: No. 1 Dean Heil (OSU) dec. No. 15 Bryce Meredith (WYO), 5-4
149: Austin Breckenridge (WYO) MD Jonce Blaylock (OSU), 13-3
157: Archie Colgan (WYO) dec. Chance Marsteller (OSU), 3-1
165: No. 1 Alex Dieringer (OSU) fall Chaz Polson (WYO), 0:32
174: Chandler Rogers (OSU) fall No. 16 Ben Stroh (WYO), 2:41
184: No. 18 Nolan Boyd (OSU) MD Jace Jensen (WYO), 18-5
197: Austin Schafer (OSU) MD Brandon Triblle (WYO), 12-4
285: Austin Marsden (OSU) dec. Tanner Harms (WYO), 5-3

I hope Phil Wellington is okay after J'Den Cox went Undertaker vs Mankind on him. He wasn't available for the dual with Chattanooga but Ohio still won 18-14. Ohio goes to the Midlands with dual wins this season over Edinboro, UTC, and a beating of Michigan State. They have a ways to go to catch Missouri (already dropped their conference dual), but they are improving.

125: Shakur Laney (Ohio) - Dec. 11-8 - Alonzo Allen (UTC) - Ohio 3-0
133: Cameron Kelly (Ohio) - Dec. 7-6 - Cody Hill (UTC) - Ohio 6-0
141: Michael Pongracz (UTC) - Dec. 3-1 (SV1) - Noah Forrider (Ohio) - Ohio 6-3
149: Cullen Cummings (Ohio) - Dec. 7-1 - Roman Boylen (UTC) - Ohio 9-3
157: Kamaal Shakur (UTC) - Dec. 4-3 - Spartak Chino (Ohio) - Ohio 9-6
165: Austin Reese (Ohio) - Dec. 5-4 - Dominic Lampe (UTC) - Ohio 12-6
174: Cody Walters (Ohio) - Dec. 8-3 - Sean Mappes (UTC) - Ohio 15-6
184: Andrew Romanchik (Ohio) - Dec. 4-1 - John Lampe (UTC) - Ohio 18-6
197: No. 18 Scottie Boykin (UTC) - MD 11-2 - Nate Hall (Ohio) - Ohio 18-10
285: Jared Johnson (UTC) - MD 11-0 - Jesse Webb (Ohio) - Ohio 18-14

Bucknell and Gardner-Webb had a back and forth 5-5 dual with Bucknell winning 22-16. It's probably not the result the Bison wanted and maybe a nice shot in the arm for Gardner-Webb. Maybe having AA Kyle Blevins in the room is doing some real good. 

125: #12 Paul Petrov (B) pin Cortez Starkes (GW), 2:55.
133: Tyler Ziegler (GW) dec Ben Bliss (B), 10-5.
141: #18 Tyler Smith (B) pin Ryan Hall (GW), 1:36.
149: Victor Lopez (B) maj dec Chris Vassar (GW), 10-0.
157: Kyle Ash (GW) dec Logan Kerin (B), 6-3.
165: Austin Trott (GW) maj dec Robert Schlitt (B), 9-0.
174: Brett Stein (GW) dec Connor Wagh (B), 8-4.
184: Tom Sleigh (B) dec Hunter Gamble (GW), 8-1.
197: Tyler Greene (B) dec Gray Jones (GW), 6-4 (sv1).
285: Boyce Cornwell (GW) dec Chuck Boddy (B), 3-1 (sv1)

Cleveland State has a program, after the scare this spring, but their team is off to a rough start. Edinboro pounded them 25-10 in their EWL conference dual including their highly ranked heavyweight falling to Billy Miller. 

165 lbs. - Casey Fuller (EU) dec. Nathan Wynkoop (CSU) 8-3
174 lbs. - Patrick Jennings (EU) maj. dec. Gabe Stark (CSU) 9-1
184 lbs. - Jacob Worthington (CSU) maj. dec. Chris Laird (EU) 16-6
197 lbs. - Sam Wheeler (CSU) dec. Warren Bosch (EU) 10-4
Hwt. - Billy Miller (EU) dec. #8 Riley Shaw (CSU) 3-1
125 lbs. - Sean Russell (EU) fall over John Martin (CSU) 2:34
133 lbs. - Alfredo Gray (CSU) dec. Anthony Rivera (EU) 3-2
141 lbs. - Nate Hagan (EU) dec. Michael Carlone (CSU) 5-3
149 lbs. - Patricio Lugo (EU) dec. Nick Montgomery (CSU) 9-3
157 lbs. - Spencer Nagy (EU) dec. John Vaughn (CSU) 9-6

Penn State is rolling and this time Rider were the victims. A couple nice ranked matches didn't go their way and then surprisingly Rasheed pinned Brennan at 165. This week's heavyweight for Cael was Caleb Livingston. He is listed as a 174 lb Senior on the roster. Not sure how Jan Johnson is adjusting to the wrestling room, but Cael is certainly going to give him plenty of time for the two important tournaments in March. 

125: #4 Nico Megaludis PSU tech fall Brenden Calas RID, 20-5 (TF; 7:00) / 5-0
133: #6 Jordan Conaway PSU maj. dec. Zach Valcarce RID, 18-4 / 9-0
141: Kade Moss PSU dec. Paul Kirchner RID, 13-6 / 12-0
149: #1 Zain Retherford PSU dec. #14 B.J. Clagon RID, 2-1 / 15-0
157: #3 Jason Nolf PSU maj. dec. #20 Chad Walsh RID, 18-7 / 19-0
165: Shakur Rasheed PSU pinned #15 Conor Brennan RID, WBF (4:28) / 25-0
174: #5 Bo Nickal PSU pinned Wayne Stinson RID, WBF (3:08) / 31-0
184: #13 Matt McCutcheon PSU dec. Mike Fagg-Daves RID, 3-0 / 34-0
197: #1 Morgan McIntosh PSU maj. dec. Ryan Wolfe RID, 10-1 / 38-0
285: Mauro Correnti RID maj. dec. Caleb Livingston PSU, 17-6 / 38-4

The thing I don't like about Max Wessell is he is the first credible win for Colin Jensen in years. Wessell beats Larson and Lehigh got the wins Michigan should have at 125, 149, & 165 to beat up Oklahoma. Lehigh continues to be a team that's impossible to predict as they beat up the Sooners 30-7. 

125 - Darian Cruz (Lehigh) dec. Ryan Millhof (Oklahoma) 6-2
133 - Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) maj. dec. Mason Beckman (Lehigh) 14-5
141 - Randy Cruz (Lehigh) maj. dec. Trae Blackwell (Oklahoma) 8-0
149 - Laike Gardner (Lehigh) dec. Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) 6-5
157 - Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) pinned Shayne Tucker (Lehigh) 6:02
165 - Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) dec. Clark Glass (Oklahoma) 5-2
174 - Matt Reed (Oklahoma) dec. Gordon Wolf (Lehigh) 7-5
184 - Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) tech. fall Andrew Dixon (Oklahoma) 20-5, 6:10
197 - Ben Haas (Lehigh) dec. Brad Johnson (Oklahoma) 6-2
285 - Max Wessell (Lehigh) dec. Ross Larson (Oklahoma) 10-8

Missouri forfeited 125, and Synon got clipped by McGuire at 133, but Missouri still rolled to a 35-12 win over Kent State. 

125: Del Vinas [Kent State] wins by forfeit
133: Mack McGuire [Kent State] def. Zach Synon [Mizzou] by 8-5 decision
141: Matt Manley [Mizzou] def. Anthony Tutolo [Kent State] by 10-1 major decision
149: Lavion Mayes [Mizzou] def. Mike DePalma [Kent State] by 9-3 decision
157: Casey Sparkman [Kent State] def. Blake Pepper [Mizzou] by 7-2 decision
165: Daniel Lewis [Mizzou] def. Tyler Buckwalter [Kent State] by fall (2:30)
174: Blaise Butler [Mizzou] def. Mike Vollant [Kent State] by 14-5 major decision
184: Willie Miklus [Mizzou] def. Cole Baxter [Kent State] by fall (3:55)
197: J'den Cox [Mizzou] def. Jerald Spohn [Kent State] by fall (1:02)
HWT: James Romero [Mizzou] def. Devin Nye [Kent State] by fall (0:58)

Illinois had 5 champions as they ran away with the Reno TOC. The big match was the result John Smith sending his son out there unattached. Jojo Smith fell in the finals to Isiah Martinez in an exciting scrap. Imar looks unstoppable and Smith not giving up a major seems like an accomplishment. Of course, with another Martseller loss many Cowboy fans have to be thinking about the decision to keep the redshirt on Smith. I imagine both will be in the bracket at the Scuffle (and Ryan Blees probably) to see how things go.

It seems we sleep on Illinois every year. Another year and another solid lineup from Champaign. They didn't get any favors from the scheduling that leaves 4 teams off their Big Ten slate. They'll face Penn State, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan, and Nebraska.  

Team Scores:
1. Illinois - 152
2. Central Michigan - 119
3. Stanford - 91
4. Wyoming - 90.5
5. Indiana - 84.5

1st  Drew Templeman, (Wyoming) DEC Nick Piccinnini, (Oklahoma State - UNA), 15-8
3rd  Josh Rodriguez, (North Dakota State) DEC Elijah Oliver, (Indiana), 8-4
5th  Michael Knoblauch, (Clackamas CC) M FOR Chasen Tolbert, (Utah Valley)
1st  Zane Richards, (Illinois) MD Corey Keener, (Central Michigan), 20-8
3rd  Jaydin Clayton, (Missouri - UNA) F Nathan Kraisser, (Campbell), 5:19
5th  Garrett Pepple, (Indiana - UNA) M FOR Shayne Wireman, (Eastern Michigan)
1st  Bryce Meredith, (Wyoming) DEC Zach Horan, (Central Michigan), 7-4
3rd  Ian Nickell, (CSU-Bakersfield) DEC Tristen Moran, (Oklahoma State - UNA), 6-1
5th  Cole Weaver, (Indiana) M FOR Mitch Bengston, (North Dakota State)
1st  Geo Martinez, (Boise State) DEC Colin Heffernan, (Central Michigan), 8-5
3rd  Paul Fox, (Stanford) M FOR Nick Barber, (Eastern Michigan)
5th  Clay Ream, (North Dakota State) DEC Kyle Gliva, (North Dakota State), 5-3
1st  Isaiah Martinez, (Illinois) DEC Joe Smith, (Oklahoma State - UNA), 11-5
3rd  Luke Smith, (Central Michigan) DEC LeRoy Barnes, (Missouri - UNA), 7-0
5th  Aj Fierro, (CSU-Bakersfield) M FOR Joey LeVallee, (Missouri - UNA)
1st  Steven Rodrigues, (Illinois) DEC Jim Wilson, (Stanford), 3-2
3rd  Lorenzo De La Riva, (CSU-Bakersfield - UNA) F Jordan Atienza, (Central Michigan), 1:08
5th  Bryce Martin, (Indiana) M FOR Alex Gregory, (Indiana)
1st  Zac Brunson, (Illinois) DEC Nate Jackson, (Indiana), 8-4
3rd  Chandler Rogers, (Oklahoma State) DEC Keaton Subjeck, (Stanford), 9-5
5th  Mike Ottinger, (Central Michigan) DEC Ben Stroh, (Wyoming), 8-6
1st  Jeff Koepke, (Illinois) DEC Emery Parker, (Illinois), 7-4
3rd  Jordan Ellingwood, (Central Michigan) DEC Ryan McWatters, (Southern Oregon), 6-1
5th  Ville Heino, (Campbell) M FOR Austin Severn, (Central Michigan)
1st  Masrshall Haas, (Citadel) DEC Andre Lee, (Illinois), 4-2
3rd  Jackson Lewis, (Central Michigan) DEC Garrett DeMers, (MSU-Northern), 8-2
5th  Adrian Salas, (Boise State - UNA) M FOR Anthony Abro, (Eastern Michigan)
1st  Tanner Harms, (Wyoming) DEC Brooks Black, (Illinois), 4-1
3rd  Nathan Butler, (Stanford) F Toby Cheff, (MSU-Northern), 2:13