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Kevin is Still Upset about Churella's Pin "No-Call"

Like most Tuesday nights Kevin & I sat down to record another episode of Bloodround. The previous week we talked about how Jon Reader & Logan Massa got screwed over the weekend. We then brought up the famous Zeerip match vs Ohio State (that you could credit for bringing replay to the Big Ten and then the NCAA) and the Grajales/Alton matches. All Michigan related matches and all screw jobs. We were joking about the theme....kind of. 

It was then pointed out to us on Twitter that we may have forgotten the greatest Michigan screw job of all time, the 2006 finals between Johnny Hendricks & Ryan Churella. Kevin reacted so strongly saying he had tried to repress it. I had the Google search already queued up on the computer screen so to twist the knife I hit play. Kevin got up and nearly pulled the mic out of the recorder and walked around the desk. Needless to say he isn't over it, and his passion for wrestling is something everyone should be able to enjoy. 

Listen to Episode #39 featuring Eastern Michigan Assistant Coach Luke Smith!

And of course here is the video.