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TBT: '96 Trials Still Featured Team Foxcatcher

The article to read from the Chicago Tribune is an interesting one. While DuPont awaited trial for murdering Dave Schultz, the trusts set up to fund Team Foxcatcher was still operational. Meaning seven wrestlers at the all important 1996 Olympic Trials were representing and wearing Team Foxcatcher despite the murder of Dave Schultz less than five months previous. 


As you can imagine, wearing anything that represented DuPont went over like a lead balloon. However, wrestlers like Terry Brands who was one of the seven, needed the money to train and survive. He's quoted in the article "They're my club," Terry Brands said when asked about wearing the Foxcatcher sweatpants. "I train with Iowa, and Foxcatcher takes care of me financially."

Others weren't so pleased. The article also quotes: "The guys doing that don't respect Dave's family," said Melvin Douglas of Phoenix, the Olympic team qualifier at 198 pounds. "If I come up against a guy like that, I'd really like to take him out."

The "Foxcatcher" story has so many different layers it's hard not to be fascinated with it. Ultimately, it's a tragedy where a great man was murdered. The events before and after are some of the most intriguing sequences in sports history.