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Big Ten 184

Entering the 2015 conference tournament, it was the only weight class in the Big Ten that didn't feature someone ranked in the top three. The Big Ten representatives traded wins and losses all season leading to Abounader (Michigan) taking the conference title. He would have a disappointing NCAA tournament, but Courts (Ohio State) and Dudley (Nebraska) would garner All-American honors. 

This year is shaping up to be another wild one. Once again, the current rankings have the a Big Ten wrestler ranked in the top four of every weight class but 184. While there are merits to be argued, it is a combination of the Big Ten guys beating each other up and an usually strong returning slate of guys from other conferences at this weight. 

184 could play a key role in the team score at the conference tournament. With how volatile this weight may be, fans of the contending teams should be on the edge of their seats when it comes to these matches. Here's a glimpse at the madness. 

(Intermat rankings for Jan 19th)

#7 Sammy Brooks (Iowa)

- Brooks was upset by McCutcheon at the Big Tens but battled back for 3rd. He beat Abounader at NCAA's but lost to Stauffer (Arizona State) in the bloodround. He took 4th at this year's Midlands losing to David Taylor (Magic Studies U) and Zillmer (ND State). He's right in the mix for sure. 

#9 Dom Abounader (Michigan)

- Abounader won the Big Tens, but then went 1-2 at NCAA's with losses to Brooks and Thomas (Penn). Abounader has looked really good this year in his junior season as his only loss is to returning champ Dean (Cornell). 

#10 Matt McCutcheon (Penn State)

- He was the 8th seed at Big Tens but took 4th beating Brooks and Dudley. Dudley would get his revenge in the bloodround of the NCAA's. He was the 14 seed who upset Stauffer, but then got beat by Courts. He's ranked ahead of Dudley with his win this Sunday which is controversial with a lousy takedown call late. Some consistency from the sophomore seems hard to find as he is all over the place with his results including some tough to read medical forfeits. 

#11 TJ Dudley (Nebraska)

- He beat McCutcheon to garner AA honors last season. He nearly knocked off Gabe Dean in the second round falling 9-8. He continues to be an enigma after nearly upsetting David Taylor but then dropping matches with McCutcheon & Gravina (Rutgers). 

#13 Kenny Courts (Ohio State)

- His magical run at NCAA's last year to 5th was sprung by beating McCutcheon and Zillmer twice. The bracket kind of opened up for him but give the all-american credit. This year has looked a lot different and you wonder if the struggles will just continue the whole year. 

NR Jeff Koepke (Illinois)

- he was 6th at the Big Tens and 1-2 at NCAA's at 197 last season. He's capable of stealing some wins. 

NR Nick Gravina (Rutgers)

- Gravina took 8th at the Midlands and upset