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Cael Magic

As if there needed to be anything more poetic than what Cael Sanderson is accomplishing at Penn State, the magic that emanates from the aura of the guy who is on the Mt Rushmore of wrestling continues to grow his legacy.  Cael knew that despite his team being the unanimous #1 team in the country, when they traveled to Illinois University the matchups were dangerous. To add to the dangerous matchups the opponents had a wrestler who appeared to be on his way to doing only what Cael had done in college, go undefeated and win four titles. 

The result is what happens when you doubt Mr Sanderson. Jason Nolf wrestled aggressively and was able to put Isiah Martinez on his back for the pin. This ended for any unforeseeable future that someone will match Nolf's Coach's record. 

The success was compounded when Bo Nickal pinned #5 Brunson. Also, Zain Retherford and Nico Megaludis went out and dominated just in case they needed the points to cause Penn State to cruise to a 30-15 win. 

We should remember this event the next time we think Cael is vulnerable.