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Michigan Heads To Southern Colony

Michigan and Ohio State is always a fun rivalry when they get together, but this meeting will have an extra shot of enthusiasm between two top ranked teams. #10 Michigan travels to #4 Ohio State on Saturday and much to my delight it will be broadcast live on Big Ten Network. Both teams have podium (top 4 at NCAA's) and even higher aspirations in this 2016 finish to the collegiate season. With this firepower, this dual contains a lot of entertaining matchups. 

I have it going five and five which means the match comes down to bonus points. Really though, a lot of the individual matches are much more toss-up's than locks. Again, very entertaining stuff!

125- #19 Conor Youtsey vs #1 Nathan Tomasello 

- Youtsey is off to a well documented slow start and he will face the defending National Champion who beat him three times last season. Only one of the three was bonus points, but these guys seem to be heading in different directions right now. 

Ohio State 4-0

133- #16 Rossi Bruno vs #8 Johnni DiJulius 

- Bruno and DiJulius both are off to slow starts so this is the 2nd most interesting match to me of the dual. Bruno's loss to the unranked kid from Oregon State this week is more concerning. DiJulius beat Bruno 3-1 last year so I'll give him the edge. 

Ohio State 7-0

141- George Fisher or Zac Hall vs #9 Micah Jordan

- Zac Hall is a top recruit who made his first appearance of the year at the Scuffle. He lost his first matches of the day, but looked good at different times. Still, Fisher got the start against Oregon State and will probably get the nod here before Hall gets more mat time this season. Hall is more dangerous to Jordan, but the Buckeye is the favorite against both. 

Ohio State 10-0

149- #8 Alec Pantaleo vs Hunter Steiber or Cody Burcher

- Of course, you would want Steiber to wrestle in this rivalry dual and it would be incredibly significant to have him back. With the long term in mind, I'm not sure if you want his first match of the season to be against the powerful sophomore Pantaleo. I don't know how healthy Hunter is making this tough to predict. If it's Burcher, bonus points are likely for Pantaleo. 

Ohio State 10-4

157- #5 Brian Murphy vs #11 Jake Ryan

- Murphy, an All-American last season, has only wrestled two matches this season but has looked impressive in both. This will be his first match of significant competition as the coach's son Ryan has only been beaten by Imar. Ryan hasn't had really any big wins yet this season, but the opportunity is here. 

Ohio State 10-7

165- Garrett Sutton vs #2 Bo Jordan

- What a moment this would be to take off Logan Massa's redshirt?!! I don't think it's going to happen despite how awesome he looked at the Scuffle. Sutton is tough himself and should keep this thing close though as Jordan has yet to really look like himself at 165. Jordan did pin Sutton at 2015 NCAA's.

Ohio State 13-7

174- #19 Davonte Mahomes vs #15 Myles Martin

- This could be the most interesting match of the dual. Martin gets his redshirt pulled off to try to help Ohio State have enough points to win titles in March. Mahomes, after missing most of last year due to injury, has yet to hit his stride this season. We know both guys have all the talent in the world and some of the best takedowns you'll ever see. Can't wait to see this one. Martin is a slight favorite here. 

Ohio State 16-7

184- #10 Dominic Abounader vs #12 Kenny Courts or Jack Rozema

- If you are a fan of this website and podcast, you know what we think about the whole 184 lb weight class in general. Long story short, this season Abounader has looked good and Courts has not. Abounader beat Courts in Vegas this season 3-0 and in the dual last season 6-2. 

Ohio State 16-10

197- #6 Max Huntley vs Mark Martin

- Huntley has looked so so this season coming off his All-American finish last season, but is still a heavy favorite against Martin. Huntley doesn't usually score a ton of points so bonus will be unlikely here. 

Ohio State 16-13

285- #4 Adam Coon vs Thomas Haines or Nick Tavanello

- We won't see Snyder here which would cap an unbelievable dual with two guys who have had senior level success already. Should Coon need a pin it would be interesting to see how aggressive he could be and how the "new" stall rules could come in to play. Coon beat Tavanello 11-4 in Vegas last season so bonus points can't just be assumed. With the dual on the line, it may help Ohio State to have the home crowd not begging for stall calls. Coon should get the job done in this scenario though. 

Michigan 17-16.