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Brewer Stuns Ramos

Flowrestling's annual "Who's Number 1" on Sunday featuring top ranked high school grapplers. The event is always entertaining as the preps are put up against guys on a level they rarely see throughout the calendar year. This year also featured a "main event" between Tony Ramos & Cody Brewer, which surprisingly turned out to be the most one-sided affair of the whole card. 

Yesterday morning I found my mind drifting towards what prediction I would make if asked (I wasn't). I like Brewer, but someone doesn't accidentally make two world teams at 57 kg. I would have gladly predicted an 8-3 win for Ramos without much further thought. Instead, Ramos looked like he didn't expect Brewer to be able to finish the shots. No answers came as Brewer scored five straight takedowns, the last being scored a four, to make it a 12-0 slaughter. 

I'm not sure where Ramos goes from here. It's possible he completely underestimated the recent graduate. Momentum is a funny thing in wrestling and it'll be interesting to see what happens when it's expected that Ramos goes to New York to try to earn the non_Olympic world team spot in a little over a month. 

Oct. 2 at Grace Hall in Bethlehem, Pa.

Main Event
61 kg/134.5 lbs. – Cody Brewer TF Tony Ramos, 12-0

High School Matchups
120 lbs. – #2 Jordan Decatur (Ohio) dec. #1 Gavin Teasdale (Pennsylvania), 8-7
145 lbs. – #4 Jarod Verkleeren (Pennsylvania) dec. #2 Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma), 8-3
138 lbs. – #1 Nick Lee (Indiana) dec. #3 Sammy Sasso (Pennsylvania), 8-3
126 lbs. – #2 Roman Bravo-Young (Arizona) dec. #4 Nick Raimo (New Jersey), 3-2
182 lbs. – #1 Michael Beard (Pennsylvania) dec. #2 Jelani Embree (Michigan), 12-6
160 lbs. – #1 Brady Berge (Minnesota) dec. #2 Shane Griffith (New Jersey), 7-5 OT
152 lbs. – #1 David Carr (Ohio) dec. #2 Cameron Coy (Pennsylvania), 4-2
132 lbs. – #1 Daton Fix (Oklahoma) dec. #2 Austin Gomez (Illinois), 8-2
170 lbs. – #1 Mikey Labriola (Pennsylvania) dec. #2 Travis Wittlake Jr. (Oregon), 3-1