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We Made It 100 Episodes

This will be my 4th season not coaching high school wrestling and that leaves a void in my heart. The company that employs me has grown in leaps and bounds making coaching a gig that would take more time than I have to offer. However, I get stir crazy when not having such challenges provided by running a program in front of me. Kevin and I met when I hired him to help me coach and build a program. Of course like all wrestlers do, we became friends immediately hitting it off. When not on the mat we would sit down, crack a beverage, and discuss life and all things wrestling in a humorous light. We both were fans of podcasts and started discussing how our conversations could possibly make something that did not exist. Bloodround was born. 

Wrestlers are awesome people and I like to think our podcast has become a salute to that. You meet wrestlers everywhere and they're 99 times out of 100 someone you'd love to talk to again. We battle on the mat, root insanely for your own, and yet we are some of the easiest people to get along with. It's truly incredible.

The Wrestling community has been awesome. The podcast keeps growing. We don't really know where we are going with it, but we are going to keep attacking!

Thank you!