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Midlands Heads To Day 2

The first day of the Midlands was filled with action and plenty of interesting results. I don't know if it's just me, but the field seems deeper and more interesting this year (minus David Taylor wrestling for the school of Magical Studies). 

Thanks to everyone who sent in picks! It's great to interact with everyone. Tommy (myself) is shockingly leading with 19 of the 20 possible finalists still alive. Only Pete Renda has disappointed me thus far. After that, SDMeyers & Mark (from the comments) along with Brian Payne have 18 finalists left. Of course, the semis and finals determine this thing so almost everyone is still in.

Kevin is trailing having Earl Hall (Iowa State), Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern), and Renda falling while his whole 197 picks of Harner (Princeton) & LeFever (Wabash) go up in smoke. Maybe he'll make a late charge though to make me buy him beer.

Old Dominion is happy after Beazley and Dechow picked up big quarterfinal wins. 

Old Dominion is happy after Beazley and Dechow picked up big quarterfinal wins. 

 Quarterfinal Results

No. 1 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) tech. fall Lucas Malmberg (Messiah), 23-7
No. 15 Josh Terao (American) dec. Christian Moody (Oklahoma), 11-4
Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) dec. No. 17 Shakur Laney (Ohio), 10-8
No. 8 Tim Lambert (Nebraska) dec. Brent Fleetwood (Central Michigan), 6-4 TB

No. 2 Zane Richards (Illinois) dec. Bryan Lantry (Buffalo), 7-3
Jamal Morris (NC State) maj. dec. Luke Karam (Lehigh), 9-1
No. 6 Seth Gross (South Dakota State) maj. dec. Billy Rappo (Maryland), 11-3
No. 4 Eric Montoya (Nebraska) dec. Cameron Kelly (Ohio), 7-0

No. 3 Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton) dec. Luke Pletcher (Ohio State), 9-3
Chad Red (Nebraska) dec. Jack Hathaway (Oregon State), 3-2
No. 6 Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) tech. fall Russell Rohlfing (CSU Bakersfield), 18-1
No. 5 Kevin Jack (NC State) dec. Christopher Carton (Iowa), 8-3

No. 2 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) maj. dec. Ryan Deakin (Northwestern), 12-4
No. 13 Sam Speno (NC State) dec. No. 10 Steve Bleise (Northern Illinois), 7-2
No. 18 Joey Delgado (Oregon State) dec. Anthony Giraldo (Rutgers), 3-2
No. 6 Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) pinned No. 14 Kenny Theobald (Rutgers), 6:00

No. 5 Tyler Berger (Nebraska) dec. No. 20 Josh Shields (Arizona State), 3-1
No. 12 Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan) dec. John Van Brill (Rutgers), 4-3
Jason Tsirtsis (Arizona State) dec. T.J. Ruschell (Wisconsin), 5-2
No. 4 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) maj. dec. Alex Griffin (Purdue), 11-2

No. 1 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) maj. dec. Alex Marinelli (Iowa), 14-5
No. 12 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) maj. dec. Brian Hamann (NC State), 9-1
Lorenzo De La Riva (CSU Bakersfield) dec. Kaleb Young (Iowa), 10-8
No. 9 Chad Walsh (Rider) dec. Tyrel White (Columbia), 13-7

No. 4 Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) maj. dec. Micah Barnes (Nebraska), 12-4
No. 12 Zac Brunson (Illinois) dec. No. 18 David Kocer (South Dakota State), 4-3
No. 9 Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State) dec. Austin Dewey (Boise State), 3-2
No. 7 Alex Meyer (Iowa) maj. dec. Josef Johnson (Harvard), 11-2

No. 3 T.J. Dudley (Nebraska) maj. dec. Emory Parker (Illinois), 14-1
No. 9 Nate Jackson (Indiana) dec. No. 8 Samuel Brooks (Iowa), 3-1
No. 11 Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers) dec. Pete Renda (NC State), 8-2
No. 10 Jack Dechow (Old Dominion) dec. No. 5 Myles Martin (Ohio State), 7-4

No. 4 Nate Rotert (South Dakota State) dec. Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin), 6-0
No. 10 Kevin Beazley (Old Dominion) dec. No. 9 Brett Harner (Princeton), 5-2
No. 8 Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) dec. No. 11 Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois), 3-0
No. 12 Ryan Wolfe (Rider) dec. Riley Lefever (Wabash), 5-4

No. 2 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) pinned Michael Boykin (NC State), 3:36
Jordan Wood (Lehigh) dec. No. 16 Collin Jensen (Nebraska), 5-3
No. 5 Sam Stoll (Iowa) dec. No. 14 Ross Larson (Oklahoma), 6-2
No. 4 Tanner Hall (Arizona State) dec. Conan Jennings (Northwestern), 3-1