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What You May Have Missed This Weekend

There was an overload of wrestling action in the past 5 days. It all started with Titan Mercury giving us fireworks winning the World Clubs Cup Championship before one of the busiest college wrestling weekend of the year. There was the Cliff Keen Las Vegas that had plenty of stars but there were also plenty of duals and opens around the country to touch on as well. Here's a few things that maybe slipped past us. 

Brett Pfarr went beast mode through the Cliff Keen Las Vegas. While other names have gotten more attention, Pfarr dominating is very worth noting. He finished off his tournament with a 15-7 win over Moore (Ohio State), and a 14-1 destruction of Haught (Virginia Tech). Pfarr moved up to 197 last year and took 3rd at the NCAA's, perhaps quitely. This year he appears separated from the field to challenge Cox (Missouri).

Our friends at Gardner-Webb nearly pulled off the upset against Virginia. They split the matches 5-5, but ended up on the wrong side of the bonus points battle. Austin Trott did his job though with an impressive 67 second pin of Bethea. 

Virginia 22, Gardner-Webb 18
125: Jack Mueller (Virginia) over Landon LoAlbo (Gardner-Webb) (TF 16-1 3:00)
133: William Mason (Virginia) over Philip Anderson (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 8-5)
141: George DiCamillo (Virginia) over Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb) (Fall 2:07)
149: Christopher Vassar (Gardner-Webb) over Samuel Krivus (Virginia) (Dec 2-0)
157: Andrew Atkinson (Virginia) over Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) (MD 8-0)
165: Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) over Cameron Harrell (Virginia) (Dec 3-1)
174: Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) over Ray Bethea (Virginia) (Fall 1:07)
184: Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) over Will Schany (Virginia) (Dec 5-0)
197: Chance McClure (Virginia) over Drew Barrett (Gardner-Webb) (MD 10-2)
285: Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) over Chuck Boddy (Virginia) (SV-1 6-4)

The Cowboys have crushed Minnesota and Oklahoma so far this season. While they were expected to win, winning 18 of the 20 matches is quite insane. At 285, Austin Schafer is knocking off ranked opponents and making a name for himself. He was stuck behind 2x All-American Marsden and now is able to show his abilities. 

  Oklahoma State 33, Oklahoma 3
197: Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) over Brad Johnson (Oklahoma) (Dec 4-0)
285: Austin Schafer (Oklahoma State) over Ross Larson (Oklahoma) (Dec 5-2)
125: Nicholas Piccininni (Oklahoma State) over Christian Moody (Oklahoma) (MD 12-2)
133: Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) over Trae Blackwell (Oklahoma) (Dec 10-7)
141: Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) over Mike Longo (Oklahoma) (MD 12-3)
149: Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State) over Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) (Dec 10-5)
157: Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma State) over DaWaylon Barnes (Oklahoma) (Dec 6-3)
165: Clark Glass (Oklahoma) over Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) (SV-1 3-1)
174: Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State) over Hayden Hansen (Oklahoma) (TF 22-6 7:00)
184: Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State) over Andrew Dixon (Oklahoma) (TF 16-1 5:43)

While it's not big news that Princeton beat Michigan State. Kolodzik beating Gasca 16-0 is. That's a beating after Gasca has looked very solid this year so far. 

Princeton 25, Michigan State 15
125: Logan Griffin (MSU) major dec. Ty Agaisse (PRIN), 8-0
133: Austin Eicher (MSU) dec. Pat D'Arcy (PRIN), 5-1
141: Matthew Kolodzik (PRIN) tech fall Javier Gasca (MSU), 16-0
149: Jordan Laster (PRIN) dec. Nick Trimble (MSU), 6-2
157: Leonard Merkin (PRIN) dec. Austin Thompson (MSU), 11-10
165: Drew Hughes (MSU) major dec. Joe Tavoso (PRIN), 8-0
174: Jonathan Schleifer (PRIN) major dec. Drew Barnes (MSU), 13-2
184: Shawn Shadaia (MSU) major dec. Kevin Parker (PRIN), 11-3
197: Brett Harner (PRIN) tech fall Wesley Maskill (MSU), 18-3
HWT: Ray O'Donnell (PRIN) tech fall Jacob Cooper (MSU), 16-0

Penn State got over 15,000 fans in the BJC to watch them beat Lehigh. The Mountain Hawks put up a fight though making for an entertaining dual. 

Penn State 30, Lehigh 10
125: Nick Suriano (Penn State) over Darian Cruz (Lehigh) (Dec 7-0)
133: Scotty Parker (Lehigh) over Jered Cortez (Penn State) (MD 12-4)
141: Randy Cruz (Lehigh) over James Gulibon (Penn State) (Dec 2-0)
149: Zain Retherford (Penn State) over Laike Gardner (Lehigh) (Fall 3:55)
157: Jason Nolf (Penn State) over Kent Lane (Lehigh) (TF 25-9 6:39)
165: Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) over Drew Longo (Lehigh) (Dec 10-5)
174: Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) over Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) (Dec 6-3)
184: Bo Nickal (Penn State) over Kyle Gentile (Lehigh) (Fall 2:35)
197: Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) over Ben Haas (Lehigh) (MD 12-2)
285: Nick Nevills (Penn State) over Doug Vollaro (Lehigh) (Dec 8-4)

Indiana, ND State, and SIUE had a tri with some interesting results including some Rodriguez on Rodriguez action at 125 while both are (or should be) ranked. After making the NCAA semis at 174 last year, Nathan Jackson is up at 184. Indiana really wanted to get RS freshman Skatzka in the lineup, but perhaps Jackson is better off up. He has won all his matches with bonus points so far this year. 

North Dakota State 25, SIUE, 13
125: Joshua Rodriguez, NDSU dec Freddie Rodriguez, 14-8
133: John Muldoon, SIUE maj Albert Landeros, 20-8
141: Trevor Feagans, SIUE dec Taylor Nein, NDSU, 4-2
149: Kyle Gliva dec Tyshawn Williams, SIUE, 6-4 TB1
157: Clayton Ream, NDSU maj Karsten Van Velsor, SIUE, 13-4
165: Andrew Fogarty, NDSU fall Sammuel Zimmerman, SIUE Fall - 3:59
174: Jake Residori, SIUE dec Carter Nielsen, NDSU 5-3
184: Tyler McNutt, NDSU fall Jake Godinez, SIUE Fall: 2:31
197: Jake Tindle, SIUE dec Cordell Eaton, NDSU 10-6
285: Benjamin Tyanan, NDSU dec Jake McKiernan, SIUE 14-8

Indiana 18, NDSU 17
125: Joshua Rodriguez (NDSU) over Liam Cronin (INDI) (TF 26-10 6:11) 
133: Garrett Pepple (INDI) over Albert Landeros (NDSU) (MD 16-2) 
141: Cole Weaver (INDI) over Taylor Nein (NDSU) (Dec 5-0) 
149: Kyle Gliva (NDSU) over Chris Perez (INDI) (Dec 5-2)
157: Clayton Ream (NDSU) over Jake Danishek (INDI) (Dec 8-1) 
165: Andrew Fogarty (NDSU) over Bryce Martin (INDI) (Dec 2-0) 
174: Devin Skatzka (INDI) over Carter Nielsen (NDSU) (Dec 8-2) 
184: Nathan Jackson (INDI) over Tyler McNutt (NDSU) (MD 12-3) 
197: Jakob Hinz (INDI) over Cordell Eaton (NDSU) (Dec 11-5) 
285: Benjamin Tyanan (NDSU) over Fletcher Miller (INDI) (Dec 6-0) 

Indiana 21, SIUE 16
125: Freddie Rodriguez (SIE) over Liam Cronin (INDI) (MD 16-8) 
133: John Muldoon (SIE) over Garrett Pepple (INDI) (Dec 6-1) 
141: Cole Weaver (INDI) over Trevor Feagans (SIE) (Dec 7-4) 
149: Chris Perez (INDI) over Tyshawn Williams (SIE) (Dec 4-0)
157: Jake Danishek (INDI) over Karsten Van Velsor (SIE) (MD 15-3) 
165: Bryce Martin (INDI) over Sammuel Zimmerman (SIE) (TF 26-11 5:57) 
174: Jake Residori (SIE) over Devin Skatzka (INDI) (Dec 8-4) 
184: Nathan Jackson (INDI) over Jake Godinez (SIE) (Fall 1:30) 
197: Jake Tindle (SIE) over Jakob Hinz (INDI) (Dec 11-10) 
285: Jake McKiernan (SIE) over Fletcher Miller (INDI) (Dec 6-1)