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Minnesota's Xanax Controversy

The cover-up becomes the story often overpowering the initial offense. The idea that an appelate court ruled recently on some psi in a few footballs during a 45-10 blowout two seasons ago blows my mind. Media loves a good controversy. The story is not about how the Colts would have won that game. The story was one of the most iconic athletes on the planet possibly covered up some cheating. 

The Minnesota Wrestling story is not about some college student-athletes trying to make some money by selling pills of Xanax that they were gifted. Sure, this is illegal. It's also illegal to sell Penicillin. In the grand scheme of what laws college kids break on a weekly basis, this is not at the head of the pack. 

As the story (or ridicule) is going viral currently that J Robinson and the Minnesota Wrestling program is receiving has a lot to do with the coach offering amnesty for some personal essays. At first blush, many people will think this is ridiculous and count the days until he's removed. This is unfortunately the world we live in. 

(You can read the first story here from the Star Tribune in Minneapolis)

We are probably past the ability to handle things yourself without massive penalty. I wish we lived in a world where administrators didn't feel they must burn someone at the stake to appease the "justice league media". He didn't want to see kids get kicked out of school and records destroyed for something that wasn't worth it. It even sounds like he did a good job of ending whatever was happening with 1,400 pills being turned over to him. 

Hopefully decades of being an amazing leader, coach, Airborne Ranger Vietnam veteran (also helped design current hand to hand combat training for the US Army), and all around awesome guy doesn't get tarnished because some paper pushers worry about the PR.