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University Nationals this Weekend

University Nationals will be in Akron this weekend. Cadets will be there too but forgive me for not getting worked up on what 15-year olds beat other 15-year olds. Great they're wrestling Freestyle & Greco but I'm not a project a kid for college early guy. 

Speaking of popularity. The bracket numbers right now appear very high. That bodes well for the growth of popularity of Freestyle that people have hoped for in America post-ball draw era. 

University MFS
57 KG: 52
61 KG: 68
65 KG: 76
70 KG: 79
74 KG: 83
80 KG: 74
86 KG: 61
97 KG: 51
125 KG: 61
Total: 605


The action will be broadcast on Flo so there should be some great action to follow. I love weekend morning brackets and live streams. It makes me really happy. 

There will be a University World Championships in October in Corum, Turkey. 

There are some interesting registrants and a lot of star power. Quick hits:

57 kg:

Freddie Rodrigues (SIU-E) went 2-2 at NCAA's only wrestling half the season. He entered the tournament after winning the SOCON. The kid has had an interesting path but was once considered a top recruit and could make some noise at this tournament. Nico Megaludis is here to be the favorite. Tim Lambert has shown freestyle success as well. 

61 kg

Alan Waters and Tyler Graff have already had some Senior level success so it'll be tough to challenge them. Still a lot of fun matches and you do have to appreciate these "veteran" guys trying to go out and win tournaments. 

65 kg

Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) lost his series to Pantaleo for Juniors but that doesn't stop him from getting some more wrestling in. Kevin Jack (NC State) will be interesting to watch here after a disappointing NCAA tourny. 

70 kg

Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State) surprised when he won this bracket last year. He'll have to beat out Sorensen & Kemerer (Iowa). Jake Short (Minnesota) & BJ Clagon (Rider) will also be interesting to watch. Michigan fans will watch for Zac Hall after he was unable to get healthy and get going to challenge for the 141 spot as a freshman. 

74 kg

Isiah Martinez (Illinois) announced the move up in weight for next year and his thoughts about getting some freestyle in. Chance Marsteller is registered if he makes weight. Chad Walsh (Rider) is always fun to watch. Tommy Gantt  (NC State) should be an interesting challenge for Imar if that happens. Also, our favorite Shabaka Johns (VMI) is on the list!

80 kg

Looks really wide open. Maybe our guy Jonathon Schleifer (Princeton) can take advantage. 

86 kg

Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) not showing up to the last chance qualifier was disappointing to me. I felt like he had way too much talent and experience to not show up. It looks like he's taking something out of the Cox playbook and will drop down for freestyle. Should be fun to watch. 

98 kg

Kyven Gadson!!!!!!!! So exciting. Kevin Beasley (Old Dominion) is known for his Greco, but will be here in FS as well. 


Nick Gwiazdowski is not used to losing. He lost the main event at the Garden, and fell to Zach Rey at the Olympic Trials. He should be back in the winning ways here tearing up this tournament.