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IOC/Putin/Russia Bingo

Many were outraged when Russia did not receive a total ban from the 2016 Olympics due to a report that they essentially made sure that everyone in a Russia uniform was about as authentic as Rocky Balboa & Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. The IOC essentially said there would not be a blanket ban, but the motherland would be placed under the highest restrictions ever placed on a country. 

Many outside of the Soviet sickle were quickly outraged as to the guilt of such a country not being properly addressed & punished. It wasn't very surprising though. Also, if it came out that the USA cheated outrageously to win some speed skating medals, I'd be pretty upset if it effected our wrestlers. I'm not opposed to keeping this as a case by case basis. 

The IOC did announce some special restrictions and one of those will appear to cause some ripples in the wrestling world. 49 North Wrestling is reporting that since Russia's 57 kg Victor Lebedev did test positive while in juniors making him inelgible according to this weekend's decree which essentially claimed no Russian who previously got caught could compete in Rio. 

It's unclear at this point if Russia will be able to send a replacement at 57 kg or they will just be out. 

The IOC has some serious issues here with integrity marring what people will tune in to. If people don't believe the athletes are actually tested, it turns in to the Tour de France in a hurry. The Wrestling world may follow and that would be unfortunate for the event that is known as the pinnacle for our sport and greatest opportunity for outside sponsorship money. 

This Russia/IOC fiasco is far from over and it'll be interesting to keep an eye on.