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Rio Singlets Unveiled

BDI tweeted out the first public image of this year's singlets and the results are above. I think they're a little plain jane personally. With the red and blue striping across the back and thighs, countries are able to go much further to show their country's spirit. America gets some stars and some lines? 

Well while we are at it, let's take a journey throughout Olympic singlet history. 

2012 (pictured above) had some pretty serious awesomeness. Of course, anything looks good on Mr Burroughs. 

2008 was pretty boring. I guess the recession took its toll on our singlets too. 

Yikes with the 2004. Black trim? This thing looks like the knockoff NFL jersey you can get for $30 instead of having to shell out the $150 for the real thing. 

Damn Slay was a monster. No wonder the guy knew doping was his only chance to beat him. Also, the singlet is pretty good too. The best part is the USA going vertically down the back. The oddly dis-proportioned flag on the chest is strange though. 

1996- I'm partial to this singlet just like classic car buyers are partial to what was cool when they were impressionable teenagers. I brought this singlet back from Vegas and wore it every chance I got. It was thin lycra in a day when most kids were wearing shitty polyester. 

Kevin Jackson still looks like he would beat you up for 6 minutes as a warmup. I can't imagine what it felt like when he was in his prime. The singlet didn't change much between 1992 & 1996 because you if it's not broke you don't fix it. 

From what I can tell, this is Kenny Monday in 1988. Solid classic singlet. Kenny Monday is a beast and also the name is underrated. Kenny Monday seems like something Rocky writers would come up with and high five each other immediately because of how awesome the name is. Not surprisingly, he won a gold medal after maybe the highest profile wrestle-off of all time when he defeated Dave Schultz. 

John Smith wore these in 1988 (and most of the time) so we didn't have uniformity across the board. Kind of interesting. Not a bad singlet for the day. I like the striping like one of my other favorite singlets we have ever had.

1984 Dave Schultz with wife Nancy after winning the 1984 gold medal in LA. Our journey of interesting singlets has come to an end. Absolute nadass warmups that almost look like crushed velvet though.