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J Robinson out at Minnesota

Minnesota has fired longtime legendary Coach J Robinson after months of controversy following a report that wrestlers were granted amnesty from the coach for using and possibly dealing xanax. You can read the Star Tribune article here 

The University of Minnesota's athletic department had been in the news for many wrong reasons recently including the resignation of Norwood Teague's habits of getting hammered and texting female staff. When current AD Mark Coyle came on the job one of his first actions was to put J Robinson on administrative leave while they investigated, even though this was months after the story first broke. 

It sounds like J Robinson was not very compliant in the investigation. You don't have to help the police build a case against you, and the longtime coach took a hardened stand against anything close to resembling helping the investigation. 

Outside of any speculation on what actually happened behind closed doors, Minnesota Wrestling fans have to be upset. J Robinson is an incredibly popular figure that many feel deserved a better exit than this. Fans will also fear a fallout of sorts of possibly transfers and poor recruiting classes. All in all, it's sad to think a man that helped so many young guys and a true legend of our sport gets this kind of treatment, but in the year 2016 it's not very surprising.