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Review of Netflix's Team Foxcatcher

So I finally got around to watching the "Team Foxcatcher" documentary on Netflix and have to say I enjoyed the 90-minute journey. I have seen the movie and the 30 for 30 making my bias of judging this documentary in particular possibly off one way or another. 

This documentary "Team Foxcatcher" is different in many ways. It mainly focuses on Dave Schultz and John DuPont during the time period of when Dave moves in up until he is murdered. Mark Schultz is not involved and there is really little mention at all of his existence. While that may sound like a knock, it really isn't. The story gets told well, and such an interesting piece of history with so many moving parts could use a little narrowing. 

There is a ton of found footage as part of this documentary. At first, I was surprised to see the 90-minute plus running time, but all of the home video from Nancy Schultz, DuPont, and other wrestlers make this fascinating to watch. Some documentaries become just talking heads saying the same thing over and over. This piece really moves and uses the footage to keep a great pace.  

I really enjoy anything about wrestling so of course, I'm an easy sell. However, this is really well done and a very blunt look at the situation. I highly recommend catching it on Netflix, because it is much better than your average documentary. 

Side Notes:

- Footage of John DuPont's wrestling matches when he basically created the "Masters" division were incredible. Anyone who wrestled more than a couple days could tell that the matches were bought and paid for, and if the guy he was wrestling was interested at all in beating him it would have been an easy task. The feeble front headlock and the guy just rolling with it made me laugh out loud. 

- Watched it with a lady friend and she really enjoyed it. She doesn't know anything about wrestling outside of dating me for a few months so it was interesting to see her captivated after initially planning on reading a book while I watched it. The detail of DuPont's actions and the home video actually makes things really suspenseful to even a non-wrestling fan.