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Scuffle Results

The Southern Scuffle kicked off Wrestling in the states in 2017 with their annual tournament. What it may have lacked in firepower (as far as teams), the event provided some fireworks. 

The Wrestling Twitter universe exploded during the semi-finals when Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) seemed to get a multitude of favorable calls to beat George DiCamillo (Virginia) 3-1.  The discussion opened up a dialogue on calling takedowns with leg passes and possibly rule changes to help officials. While I'm critical of officials often, it is difficult to be the guy who calls a takedown right when a guy rolls through. 

Mark Hall (Penn State) captured some imagination when he ran a tough gauntlet to finish off the tournament on top of the podium. His semi-final bucket roll for a pin when trailing was absolutely incredible. We saw him hit it this summer on Logan Massa in freestyle when trailing as well. His ability to hit it on high-level opponents is jarring.

J'Den Cox's (Missouri) likely toughest challenge this season is who he met in the finals, Brett Pfarr (Minnesota). The #1 vs #2 matchup did see Pfarr challenge in Cox in many ways having the score tied leading to the closing moments of regulation. However, the Olympic medalist created a flurry to then hit a perfectly times double-leg to put the match away. 

Oklahoma State flexed their muscle in this tournament which should make people feel very comfortable about their number one ranking. They placed nine guys in the top four, and then Piccininni took 6th at 125. That's top to bottom strength that will likely equal a lot of points in St Louis. 

1st: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) maj. dec. No. 11 Jack Mueller (Virginia), 10-2
3rd: No. 6 Darian Cruz (Lehigh) dec. No. 10 Sean Russell (Edinboro), 2-1
5th: Gabe Townsell (Stanford) dec. No. 12 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State), 4-3
7th: No. 13 Nathan Kraisser (Campbell) dec. No. 7 Barlow McGhee (Missouri), 1-0

1st: No. 5 Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) by default over No. 12 Scott Parker (Lehigh)
3rd: No. 16 Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 13 Kevin Devoy (Drexel), 7-4
5th: John Erneste (Missouri) maj. dec. No. 18 Mitchell Mckee (Minnesota), 9-0
7th: Korbin Myers (Edinboro) dec. Colby Smith (Appalachian St), 7-4

1st: No. 1 Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 8 Joey Ward (North Carolina), 3-1
3rd: No. 2 Joey McKenna (Stanford) pinned No. 10 George Dicamillo (Virginia), 1:06
5th: Jaydin Eierman (Missouri) by default over Tristan Moran (Oklahoma State)
7th: Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) dec. Zach Synon (Missouri), 6-0

1st: No. 3 Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 4 Lavion Mayes (Missouri), 7-6
3rd: No. 15 Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 7 Patricio Lugo (Edinboro), 3-1
5th: No. 9 Laike Gardner (Lehigh) dec. No. 17 Matt Cimato (Drexel), 6-2
7th: No. 19 Matthew Zovistoski (Appalachian State) dec. Nick Montgomery (Cleveland St), 8-3

1st: No. 9 Jordan Kutler (Lehigh) dec. No. 3 Joe Smith (Oklahoma State), 7-1
3rd: No. 6 Joey Lavallee (Missouri) dec. No. 18 Andrew Atkinson (Virginia), 9-5
5th: No. 10 Jake Short (Minnesota) dec. Taylor Simaz (Cornell), 6-2
7th: Mitch Finesilver (Duke) dec. Chase Delande (Edinboro), 7-3

1st: No. 10 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) pinned No. 4 Daniel Lewis (Missouri), 1:18
3rd: No. 13 Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 13 (at 174) Nick Wanzek (Minnesota), 5-3
5th: Cole Walter (Lehigh) dec. Keilan Torres (Northern Colorado), 5-2
7th: Chad Pyke (North Carolina St) pinned Drew Longo (Lehigh), 3:19

1st: Mark Hall (Penn State) dec. No. 6 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State), 10-3
3rd: No. 14 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) dec. No. 8 Ethan Ramos (North Carolina), 14-7
5th: No. 3 Casey Kent (Penn) maj. dec. Connor Bass (Duke), 12-2
7th: No. 10 Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 17 Jadaen Bernstein (Navy), 16-9

1st: No. 1 Gabe Dean (Cornell) dec. No. 6 Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State), 7-2
3rd: Bryce Carr (Chattanooga) dec. Dakota Geer (Edinboro), 5-2
5th: No. 8 Hunter Gamble (Gardner Webb) by medical forfeit over No. 15 Drew Foster (Northern Iowa)
7th: No. 17 Chip Ness (North Carolina) dec. Dylan Gabel (Northern Colorado), 3-2

1st: No. 1 J'den Cox (Missouri) dec. No. 2 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota), 6-4
3rd: No. 5 Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) dec. Derek White (Oklahoma State), 1-0
5th: No. 16 Frank Mattiace (Penn) dec. Owen Scott (Cornell), 4-3
7th: Ben Honis (Cornell) maj. dec. Ben Darmstadt (Finger Lakes Prep), 14-5

1st: No. 17 Jacob Kasper (Duke) dec. No. 6 Michael Kroells (Minnesota), 5-3
3rd: No. 11 Austin Schafer (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 9 Nathan Butler (Stanford), 5-2
5th: Mike Hughes (Hofstra) dec. No. 12 Jared Johnson (Chattanooga), 4-3
7th: No. 19 Billy Miller (Edinboro) dec. No. 8 Denzel Dejournette (Appalachian St), 7-3