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Adizero Varner 2.0, a stabilizing experience.

Have you ever had an experience where you buy wrestling shoes that were NOTHING like you had hoped they'd be? To be clear, this is not the experience that I had with these Varners, but just telling a story. Personally, I've spent money on a new pair of shoes, without giving it much thought, and been greatly disappointed in the product that arrived. Whether my previous shoes got me used to a specific feel, and the new ones couldn't deliver on that feel, or you are familiar with a level of grip to the mat, that these shoes can't provide. Whatever the circumstances, it's happened to the best of us. Within the last three years, I purchased a pair of shoes because they looked cool. Turns out that they are heavy, provide terrible grip, and do not give me a sense of confidence while I'm on the mat. That's why I'm doing this. To avoid that feeling when you've invested in some shoes. That being said, go to adidaswrestling.com, and use our Promo Code, BLOOD20 to get 20% your purchase of shoes or other merchandise. Now, onto the Adizero Varners 2.0.


Adidas was kind enough to supply Tommy and myself with these to use and review for you all. I gave a brief description of the shoe on our latest episode, but lets dive deep into what I like about the shoe. Stability is huge! When you're on the mat, and it's the moment of truth, whether in practice or a match, the last thing you want is to push off and have your footing go out from underneath you. In my experience with these shoes, you will not have that issue. They provide great comfort, physically and mentally, to your foundation. Also, like the Impacts, I feel very comfortable lacing them all the way up. Because they ride so high on the ankle, you can tie them comfortably, so that they aren't strangling your feet, and still know that they won't move, shift, or come off of your feet. You still have the same ankle flexibility that you'd like to get out of a shoe, and lose no mobility. The big thing here is, that if you are at an all day tournament, you won't find your self lacing and unlacing your shoes over and over due to them being too tight.


Functionality though, they broke the full sole grip up into two main sections that ride up the front, sides, and back of the shoe to allow for maximum grip on the mat, regardless of your foot's angle. That said, they also have a piece of suede that dips into the grip on the inside of each shoe. I've had specific instances with other shoes where I've had to adjust my single leg, or dragging my train leg, because the grip on the side was catching the mat. I believe this suede inlet is in place to avoid just that. If not whatever, but I'm reviewing the shoe, and I believe this to be the case. If you enjoy having stability in your shoe, and maximum grip, without sacrificing having a light weight and flexible shoe, then absolutely invest in a pair of these Adizero Varner 2.0's. Also, here's the over the top version of the review.

I think I was 25 when the reality that I was going bald sank in. I had once heard my brother use the phrase "going bald gracefully", so a combination of having that phrase in my vernacular, and not having the money to afford the hair loss prevention stuff at the time, I decided to do just that, and go bald gracefully. To be honest, it doesn't really bother me except when it's really cold out. Occasionally I'll see Bryce Meredith hair, or Stefan Micic hair, and remember the glory years, but then I remember some of the greats like Cael, Sean Bormet, Casey Cunningham, and Jake Varner are bald... Or so I thought. Recently I attended the Michigan vs Penn State dual, and saw Jake Varner standing there with a full head of hair! How is this possible? I couldn't believe that he was intentionally shaving his head before, and for so long, without it being the result of actual baldness. And yet I'm standing here, looking at Jake Varner, with a full head of hair! All I know is that Jake's hair came back about the exact same time as these shoes were released. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I doubt it. So for the time being, I'm going to wear these shoes all day everyday, and wait and see what happens. Just know that the next time you see me, you'll probably mistake me for Tom Selleck. Staight up, I'm saying these shoes cure baldness.