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Combat Speeds - The quintessential wrestling shoe

For as long as I can remember, the Combat Speeds were the shoe that immediately told you that you were in for one hell of a match. If your opponent had them, then they were about to demonstrate some cool new moves on you, that you probably hadn’t even heard of. In 1999-2003, the only Combat Speeds available (at least that I came across) were the black and reds, and the classic, teal, yellow, and pink. These shoes weren’t in production though, and were difficult to come across. I remember trading away a “Team Michigan” singlet to someone at Fargo to get a pair of 12.5 teal, yellow and pinks (I wear size 10). Point being, these were the first shoes that I can remember that designated that this wrestler was about to kick your ass. You can imagine how excited I was years later when they brought them back. I also remember seeing the newest variation of these shoes, the Combat Speed 5s. As a wrestling connoisseur, it was a very special day for me.


The Combat Speed’s have always been known as a light weight and flexible shoe. In fact, they’ve been the lightest and most flexible shoe for as long as I can remember. Traditionally, the soles of wrestling shoes weigh more than the rest of the material in the design, but with the Combat Speeds unique split sole design, their entire construction is built around being lighter and faster. Additionally, the breathable mesh on the sides allows them to dry out quickly, but also doesn’t restrict movement. The main difference between the 5s and the rest of the Combat Speeds before it, is that these have more of an emphasis on stability and durability than it’s predecessors. The 5s have a more substantial lace guard than the previous iterations, and have the teeth of the Velcro on the side of the shoe rather than the guard itself. That was an issue in the past because the teeth of the Velcro would rip up the laces or tongue of the shoe. Not anymore!


Where as before, the three stripes (#threestripelife) rested on the outside and inside of the mesh, but these 5s have them embedded in more of the suede outsole, to provide more durability. These shoes have often been described as having a “sock like fit”, however, with more of a durable frame, and a stronger outsole, they feel more like a shoe but with the same narrow and tight fit on the foot. As I’ve mentioned with other shoes, the sole of the shoe really depends on your preference. This split sole has great grip on the bottoms of the shoe, and less on the sides. This is great for anyone who drags their feet on the shots, as I tend to do. Grip is great to have, until you want more freedom to navigate your foot across the mat without restrictions. This shoe provides you that freedom, in the most durable and light weight version of the Combat Speeds to date. In addition, the shoe now has SEVERAL color schemes to choose from, so you don’t have to rely on the original black and red or teal, pink, and yellow. We’ve got Blue, Red, White, Black, Grey and Yellow, Red and White, Tan and Gray, including some old school remix colors coming out soon… check em out! One other thing that’s nice about the Combat Speeds, they happen to be one of the less expensive shoes, for the frugal wrestling shoe consumer. Get your own wrestling shoes using promo code Blood20 at Adidaswrestling.com.


Some notable wrestlers who rock the Combat Speeds;

  • Jordan Oliver

  • Jacob Kasper

  • Mike Macchiavello

  • Daniel Cormier

  • Jon Morrison

There is a reason that so many college teams, and athletes, choose these shoes. For one, there is the stigma that they make you faster and stronger, which like most rumors are entirely based on fact, and 100% true. The Combat Speeds remind me of a Ford F-150, in the sense that it’s universally known as the best in the brand, and I can picture Dennis Leary reading the words to a Combat Speed commercial. “Chances are that if you need wrestling shoes, you see wrestling as not just a sport, but a way of life. That being said, you probably want to be faster, stronger, better looking, and possess more charisma than anyone else with wrestling shoes on. Combat Speeds are guaranteed to do all of those things, so get out of the wrestling room or weight room, and get yourself in front of a computer screen and order some shoes.” That' sounds about right. Anyway, not all of that may be directly impacted by the Combat Speeds, but it also COULD be a direct result of the Combat Speeds. Go buy some and find out.