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Midlands Semi's Are Set

With many young guys yet to claim higher stakes in the rankings, the 56th Annual Midlands has given a chance for many of them to shine in the Sears Centre in the Chicago suburbs.

Iowa leads and have been able to survive many close calls for the most part, including Marinelli in the quarterfinals.

Michigan has a rare presence at this event, as Alec Pantaleo after missing time with illness and a weigh cut debuted back at 149 storming his way through four wins. Several young Wolverines are also here with Mason Parris giving Hilger #8 (Wisconsin) his first loss of the season. Andrew Davison dropped a close quarterfinal to #6 Caywood (Army).

The Sunday session for the semifinals begins at 12:00 pm Central.

Midlands 125

Quarterfinal - Spencer Lee (Iowa) won by tech fall over Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) TF 18-0

Quarterfinal - Pat Glory (Princeton) won by tech fall over Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) TF 17-1

Quarterfinal - Connor Brown (Wisconsin) won by decision over Justin Cardani (Illinois - UNAT) Dec 7-0

Quarterfinal - Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) won by tech fall over Carmen Ferrante (Penn) TF 20-3

Midlands 133

Quarterfinal - Paul Glynn (Iowa) won by decision over Hunter Kosco (Brown) Dec 4-0

Quarterfinal - Noah Gonser (Campbell) won by decision over Zachary Sherman (North Carolina - UNAT) Dec 6-1

Quarterfinal - Dylan Duncan (Illinois) won by decision over Colin Valdivez (Northwestern) Dec 9-6

Quarterfinal - Austin Desanto (Iowa) won by major decision over Doug Zapf (Penn) Maj 13-3

Midlands 141

Quarterfinal - Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Peter Lipari (Rutgers) Dec 6-3

Quarterfinal - Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) won by decision over Vince Turk (Iowa) Dec 5-4

Quarterfinal - Michael Blockhus (Northern Iowa - UNAT) won by decision over Joey Gould (Bucknell) Dec 8-3

Quarterfinal - Max Murin (Iowa) won by decision over Alexander McKenna (Northwestern) Dec 6-1

Midlands 149

Quarterfinal - Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton) won by decision over Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State) Dec 5-2

Quarterfinal - Pat Lugo (Iowa) won by injury default over Joshua Heil (Campbell) Inj. 1:10

Quarterfinal - Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) won by major decision over Khristian Olivas (Fresno State) Maj 13-2

Quarterfinal - Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) won by decision over Brayton Lee (Minnesota - UNAT) Dec 3-2

Midlands 157

Quarterfinal - Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) won by decision over Quincy Monday (Princeton) Dec 5-2

Quarterfinal - Eric Barone (Illinois) won by decision over Mike D`Angelo (Unattached) Dec 10-3

Quarterfinal - Zach Hartman (Bucknell) won by decision over John Vanbrill (Rutgers - UNAT) Dec 7-5

Quarterfinal - Kaleb Young (Iowa) won by tech fall over Luke Weiland (Army West Point) TF 15-0

Midlands 165

Quarterfinal - Evan Wick (Wisconsin) won by decision over Jacen Petersen (Arizona State) Dec 7-2

Quarterfinal - Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) won by major decision over Anthony Valencia (Arizona State - UNAT) Maj 10-1

Quarterfinal - Joshua Shields (Arizona State) won by tech fall over Joseph Gunther (Illinois) TF 17-2

Quarterfinal - Alex Marinelli (Iowa) won in sudden victory - 1 over Jonathan Viruet (Brown) SV-1 8-6

Midlands 174

Quarterfinal - Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) won by fall over Willie Scott (Rutgers) Fall 2:48

Quarterfinal - Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) won by decision over Aaron Brooks (Titan Mercury) Dec 4-0

Quarterfinal - Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois) won by major decision over Josh Ugalde (Maryland) Maj 13-3

Quarterfinal - Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) won by fall over Carver James (Illinois) Fall 5:37

Midlands 184

Quarterfinal - Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) won by major decision over Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State - UNAT) Maj 12-2

Quarterfinal - Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State) won by decision over Bob Coleman (Oregon State) Dec 4-2

Quarterfinal - Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) won by decision over Kevin Parker (Princeton) Dec 4-3

Quarterfinal - Cash Wilcke (Iowa) won by decision over Cade Belshay (Arizona State - UNAT) Dec 4-1

Midlands 197

Quarterfinal - Patrick Brucki (Princeton) won by decision over Andre Lee (Illinois) Dec 10-5

Quarterfinal - Rocco Caywood (Army West Point) won by decision over Andrew Davison (Michigan) Dec 3-0

Quarterfinal - Lucas Davison (Northwestern - UNAT) won by decision over Alex Hopkins (Army West Point) Dec 4-2

Quarterfinal - Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State - UNAT) won by tech fall over Jacob Warner (Iowa) TF 19-3

Midlands 285

Quarterfinal - Conan Jennings (Northwestern) won by medical forfeit over Sam Stoll (Iowa) MFF

Quarterfinal - Mason Parris (Michigan - UNAT) won by decision over Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) Dec 9-6

Quarterfinal - Tanner Hall (Arizona State - UNAT) won by injury default over Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) Inj. 0:49

Quarterfinal - Jere Heino (Campbell - UNAT) won by major decision over Tony Cassioppi (Iowa - UNAT) Maj 11-3