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Shoe Review - Adidas Mat Wizard!!!

AbracAdidas! I made the decision to include that as soon as I realized that was an option. For real though, the "Mat Wizard" shoes have been around for quite some time. In the past, they have been associated with John Smith. For one reason or another, they have moved on to the ankle picking machine, David "Magic Man" Taylor. These excellent installments of the Adidas staple were part of (what I saw as) a very deliberate change to their collection. With the release of these (the M2 Mat Wizards were released before the Impact's or the Tech Falls or the new Varners), they introduced the full sole grips, which have since been incorporated into the Impacts as well. Before, most of the adidas soles were some derivation of a split sole design. In fact, the only soles they really have now are these, the Combat Speed traditional sole, and the new Varners (a successful experiment if you ask me). These have the same full sole grip, but the full design of the shoe is slightly different. The Impacts are more narrow, where as these are a more of a wide based shoe. Their feel is very traditional, but not in a bad way by any means. More traditional in the sense that they have a classic fit, around the foot, almost like a sock. For having the full sole grip, they are also very light weight. It is also a very comfortable shoe, that I most definitely wore the entire time I did my taxes. It was the only thing comfortable about that process.


Another difference between these and the impacts, is that these shoes sit much lower on the ankle. As someone who typically only ties his wrestling shoes up to where the ankle and foot connect, I appreciate a shoe that can have such mobility in the ankle. That paired with the excellent grip strength, and extremely light weight of the shoes, makes these about as excellent a purchase as you can get. In addition, they come in several colors, which is also important. Now, onto the over the top review.

Mat Wizards.jpg

I've always been decent at picking ankles. Mostly, the development of my ankle pick started as a result of not being good at any other shots. Regardless of it's origin, it's something I'd had success with in the past. Or so I thought. My ability to pick ankles in these shoes has risen to astronomical levels. Is it due to the Magic Man's Mat Wizard like ability to pick ankles? Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. It's like in The Sandlot. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez was already a very fast kid, but when he put on those PF Flyers, he could outrun "The Beast", and help get Smalls Babe Ruth signed baseball back (spoiler alert). Also, they found out that James Earl Jones was actually a cool dude and they told baseball stories for years after that. Anyway, I'm saying that these shoes will help you pick ankles better than a four year old picks their nose.