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It's Time to Change Wrestling Uniform Colors

It's 2018, and it should be surprising at this point we are still using red/green and red/blue for color distinction. Look....sigh.....I'm conservative and slow to change but we are about 18 months from 2020. The idea that Japan has to wear blue singlets or we have college matches between two guys wearing red singlets just seems inappropriate. It's bad for viewership, confusing to refs & table help, and far less fun. 

But wait.....Iowa wears black! Well they'll have to change. It's time we have home and away colors like every other civilized sport in the world. Each collegiate team should have a light (away) uniform and a dark (home) uniform. This let's them keep their school colors and with a quick glance everyone knows who is who on the scoreboard. It may take a little bit for the officials to get used to which wrist is which, but if they can't make that adjustment we have more problems. No more awkward ankle band removals after wins and losses will be a welcome sight as well. 

This picture is from #4 Michigan hosting #1 Penn State this year in front of almost 5,000 fans and on live television. Both teams have multiple uniforms, but instead we have two teams wearing blue. This is not helping casual fans and produces stupid visuals. Blue guy wrestling blue guy on a blue mat. Thrilling. 

Individual tournaments shouldn't be any different. Top on the bracket is home, bottom is away. This is easy stuff and opposition to this is simply overthinking it. 

Someone reading this may say, "Aha, what will the ref say when giving commands?" Well, technically the ref should never be saying anything unless it's part of an award. Otherwise, it's coaching and not the role of an official. 

In freestyle/greco, I'm sure we can come up with two words that in old latin or french mean light and dark or even home and away. Countries can then truly have their own patriotism in their designs not interrupted by a stupid strip and hideous bands on the thighs. 

I mean just look at this picture. Micic looks good in the Serbian singlet but even though he's wearing red there needs to be red strips. His opponent is a train wreck. He represents Spain so his singlet is like his flag with red & yellow over the black only to be hideously contrasted by light blue strips. 

Supporters of Wrestling are always talking about modernizing, but they don't want to peel a few band-aids.  This is long overdue.