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What's a 4?

I enjoy freestyle for many reasons and look forward to the action every summer. There are a few factors that are frustrating to watch even as someone who has wrestled and watched a lot of it. Today, we will focus on what is a 4.

My growing concern is in the variance of what is called a 2, what is called a 4, and what is called 2 & 2 when a takedown hasn’t been given yet in the sequence.

This is from today with American Alisha Howk doing work in the Junior World Championships with two outstanding dumps for pins. This first one (above) gets called a two by the whistle and confirmed. I realize they both hit their knees but the attack certainly starts when they are both on their feet and the maneuver never stalls in the process. It’s not the most “grand amplitude of throws” out there but how can this be worth the same as if it was just a duck under to a takedown. Possibly a better argument, if she uses it as a duck (more or less) and then keeps the arm and goes right into a trap arm gut, she’s probably getting 2 & 2. This should be rewarded to the aggressor with a 4.

Another sweet dump by this young lady! This time red doesn’t have her knees touch during the move and again the whistle signals 2. The chair in the foreground does hold up a paddle for 4. The whistle should definitely be reprimanded on this as this should never be a 2. This bothers me because you’ll see guys grab double overs fall to their hip, hesitate, and then drive with their feet to win the position and get their opponent to their back for a 4. This is one slick feet to back move and she still was in danger of just getting 2. (I don’t know what the chair awarded)

This is the Jordan Burroughs gold medal match in 2017. Go to the 3 minute mark of the video and watch JB get a go behind that ends up in a tripod. The tripod needs to be 2 and then this situation happens with red defending the tripod for hopefully the rest of the period and Burroughs hits a lace. They call 2 & 2 which makes sense as Burroughs in this movement achieved this takedown and then gets an exposure with the lace. Instead, they review it and come back with just 2 Blue. This was a close match and these points could have made the difference in the match.

The tripod and the attacks need to be cleaned up. The tripod with all 4 points down needs to be a takedown. There need to be more 2 & 2 calls to keep consistent scoring and award appropriate points to the aggressive wrestler, or just call them 4’s. Either way, getting just 2 points can be a huge difference in match.