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Junior World Results

Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) capped off his impressive summer with a Junior World Championship. Lewis is a talent that the Hokies can’t wait to get into the lineup and will shuffle things accordingly this season. He received a favorable draw to advance to the finals, but that still means you have to prove it when you get there. His Azerbaijan opponent had no answers on how to score on him, and a 5-1 win brought home the title to the states.

Men’s Freestyle put two others in the finals and claimed two more with bronzes which placed them in 2nd place as a team. Some close matches and interesting calls made it feel like the talented team could have done more, but the level the American youth continues to develop is nothing but encouraging.

Macey Kilty stormed to the finals in impressive fashion especially considering she is Cadet eligible still. She dropped the final to a Russian who may be in their Senior lineup this quad. Alisha Howk used to awesome fireman dumps for pins and then in the semi’s dropped a heartbreaker when it was originally called a two for exposure at the buzzer. The review came back against her though, and she also dropped her bronze medal bout. It was tough sledding for the team as a whole, finishing 7th and only coming back with one medal.

Andrew Berreyesa, a Nevada native training out of Finger Lakes WC, claimed silver to get his first international medal. He lost to the defending world champion in what was an impressive tournament and a large feat. Cohlton Schultz added a bronze at heavyweight to claim two medals for the American Greco squad and a 10th place finish. Kamal Bey dropped his semi and bronze medal bouts after showing off his exciting throws that don’t appear to be of human ability. The talent improvement is certainly showing as the Greco program continues to make strides.

U.S. men’s freestyle results

57 kg: Daton Fix (Sand Springs, Okla./Titan Mercury WC/Cowboy RTC) – BRONZE 
WIN Ahmet Tas (Turkey), 10-0
WIN Andrey Dzhelep (Ukraine), 10-0
LOSS Naveen Naveen (India), 5-4
WIN Bekbolt Myrzanazar (Kyrgyzstan), 10-0

61 kg: Joshua Saunders (St. Louis, Mo./Titan Mercury WC) - EIGHTH
WIN Nurahamed Mukhudzinau (Belarus), fall 3:29
LOSS Abasgadzhi Magomedov (Russia), 10-0
LOSS Kodai Ogawa (Japan), 3-0

65 kg: Domonick Demas (Dublin, Ohio/OKRTC) – NINTH 
WIN Ikhtiyor Normurodov (Uzbekistan), inj. default, 10-4
LOSS Gegham Galstyan (Armenia), 8-4

70 kg: Brady Berge (Mantorville, Minn./Nittany Lion WC) - BRONZE
LOSS Razambek Zhamalov (Russia), 13-3
WIN Aleksander Kuryshta (Belarus), 13-2
WIN Arman Andreasyan (Armenia), 1-1

74 kg: Mekhi Lewis (Somerset, N.J./Southeast RTC) – GOLD
WIN Erik Reinbok (Estonia), 10-0
WIN Matthew Bartlett (South Africa), fall 1:04
WIN Bat-Erdene Byambasuren (Mongolia), 12-1
WIN Abubakr Abakarov (Azerbaijan), 5-1

79 kg: Aaron Brooks (Hagerstown, Md./USOTC) - SILVER
WIN Daniar Meldebek (Kazakhstan), 12-1
WIN Andrian Grosul (Moldova), 9-4
WIN Orhan Abasov (Azerbaijan), win by cautions
LOSS Hayato Ishiguro (Japan), 11-10

86 kg: Lou Deprez (Hilton, N.Y./Bearcat WC) - NINTH
WIN Mher Markosyan (Armenia), 7-0
LOSS Arif Ozen (Turkey), 6-1
LOSS Alik Shebzukhov (Russia), 9-5

92 kg: Jacob Warner (Washington, Ill./Hawkeye WC) – dnp/15th
LOSS Askhab Hamzatov (Azerbaijan), 6-6

97 kg: Zach Elam (Kansas City, Mo./Team Central WC) – SILVER 
WIN Kunai Nurdavletov (Kyrgyzstan), fall 3:37
WIN Han Hyunsu (Korea), 13-2
WIN Serik Bakytkhanov (Kazakhstan), 12-1
LOSS Magomedkhan Magomedov (Russia), 11-0

125 kg: Gable Steveson (Apple Valley, Minn./Minnesota Storm) 
WIN Lkhagvegerel Munkhtur (Mongolia), 7-4
WIN Haroon Abid (Pakistan), 13-2
LOSS Khasanboy Rakhimov (Uzbekistan), fall 1:18

U.S. women’s freestyle results

50 kg: Alleida Martinez (Selma, Calif./Titan Mercury WC) - SEVENTH
WIN Yazaman Majidli (Azerbaijan), fall 4:57
WIN Victoria Apalonik (Belarus), fall 2:34
LOSS Marina Zakshevskaya (Kazakhstan), fall 1:41

53 kg: Alisha Howk (River Falls, Wisc./Sunkist Kids) - FIFTH
WIN Nina Kollarova (Slovakia), fall 0:29
WIN Ellada Makhyaddinova (Kazakhstan), fall 2:09
LOSS Aktenge Keunimyaeva (Uzbekistan), 8-6
LOSS Enkhtsetseg Batbaatar (Mongolia), 11-0

55 kg: Ronna Heaton (Brookings, S.D./Sunkist Kids) – SEVENTH 
WIN Anne Nuernberger (Germany), 8-2
LOSS Ekaterina Verbina (Russia), 11-4

57 kg: Alex Hedrick (Fair Oaks, Calif./Titan Mercury WC) – dnp/14th
LOSS Viktoria Vaulina (Russia), 10-0

59 kg: Brenda Reyna (Mount Vernon, Wash/Bearcat WC) – 11th
LOSS Hwan Sung (Korea), 6-6

62 kg: Alexandria Liles (Allen, Texas/Musky WC) – 12th
LOSS Hedda Strand (Norway), 3-3

65 kg: Jayden Laurent (Green Bay, Wisc./Musky WC) – 10th
LOSS Yue Zhang (China), fall 2:52

68 kg: Macey Kilty (River Falls, Wisc./Sunkist Kids WC) – SILVER 
WIN Tindra Sjoeberg (Sweden), 12-0
WIN Alina Rudnytska (Ukraine), fall 0:50 
WIN Yan Wang (China), 11-0
LOSS Khanum Velieva (Russia), 7-0

72 kg: Alyvia Fiske (Napa, Calif./Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Zsuszanna Molnar (Slovakia), 1:04

76 kg: Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif./Missouri Baptist) – 11th
LOSS Yahua Matsuyaki (Japan), fall 4:54

U.S. Greco-Roman results

55 kg: Brady Koontz (Plover, Wisc./Ohio RTC) – dnp/13th
LOSS Florin Tita (Romania), 7-6

60 kg: Taylor LaMont (Mapleton, Utah/Sunkist Kids) – dnp/11th
WIN Galym Kabdunassaro (Kazakhstan), 5-1
LOSS Ararat Manucharyan (Armenia), 7-3

63 kg: Alston Nutter (Fennimore, Wisc./NMU-OTS/Combat WC) – dnp/27th
LOSS Erbol Bakirov (Kyrgyzstan), 10-0
LOSS Hrachya Poghosyan (Armenia), 8-0

67 kg: Peyton Omania (Concord, Calif./CYC) – dnp/30th
LOSS Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed (Egypt), 10-0

72 kg: Tyler Dow (Stoughton, Wisc./Badger RTC) – dnp/20th
LOSS Gergely Bak (Hungary), 9-2

77 kg: Kamal Bey (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) - FIFTH
WIN Beka Guruli (Georgia), 9-1
WIN Konstantino Vachlas (Greece), fall 0:15
WIN Zahari Zashev (Bulgaria), fall 2:47
LOSS Islam Opeiv (Russia), 7-1
LOSS Akzhol Makhmudov (Kyrgyzstan), 8-1

82 kg: Andrew Berreyesa (Reno, Nev./New York AC/Finger Lakes WC) - SILVER
WIN Simone Fidelbo (Italy), 4-1
WIN Abubakr Alimov (Uzbekistan), 3-0
WIN Muhutdin Saricicek (Turkey), 2-2
LOSS Aleksander Komarov (Russia), 10-0

87 kg: Barret Hughes (Coweta, Okla./Titan Mercury WC/Cowboy RTC) – dnp/22nd
LOSS Kumar Sunil (India), 11-0

97 kg: Chad Porter (Phoenix, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) – dnp/25th
LOSS Ilija Laurynovich (Belarus), 11-0

130 kg: Cohlton Schultz (Parker, Colo./New York AC) - BRONZE
WIN Lingzhe Meng (China), fall 4:50
WIN Oleg Agakhanov (Russia), fall 1:19
LOSS David Ovasapyan (Armenia), 2-1
WIN Ante Milkovic (Croatia), 7-1